ountless bloody unicorn heads flying around.

ountless bloody unicorn heads flying around.
Like a bloody disk.
Countless flames flowed in the disc like liquid.
Lin Xin’s red hair was flying all over his body, as if his whole body was on fire.
A crack finally appeared in Ka’s fixed soul lock
Zheng Qing sighed helplessly.
The yellow light shattered and dispersed completely like glass.
Not only the soul lock, but also the yellow soul sphere formed by the Huangwu people.
In the blink of an eye, both of them shattered at the same time, and the vast and boundless mysterious area of ??the phantom sea emerged again.
At this moment, whether Zheng Qing wanted to or not, he had to admit that Lin Xin already had the strength to be ranked in the sky.
It was no longer something they could do.
The soul-catching formation can indeed restrain the opponent’s immortality and not be broken, but it must also pose a fatal threat to it.
“It was my miscalculation.”
Zheng Qing closed his eyes helplessly.
“Miscalculation?” Lin Xin smiled, “You did miscalculate.”
He flicked his finger, and the fantasy sea automatically bounced the two of them back.
The scenery around them changed, and in the blink of an eye they were back above the sand dunes and above the Shagura Evil Temple.
Zheng Qing had already exhausted all the strength in his body and concentrated it on the soul-fixing lock, but it still had no effect.
His body was almost translucent at this time, and he gradually began to disappear into the air.
“The void is infinite, obey my call, the eternal Holy Spirit, give me the power,” Lin Xin slowly sang in a low voice in ghostly language.
/He slowly stretched out his hand and made a move towards the sky.
A huge and terrifying golden formation suddenly emerged, floating above Lin Xin’s head, covering hundreds of miles in radius, directly covering the entire evil temple.
The formation is like an extremely precise combination of countless clocks, with golden eyes slowly opening in the middle of each circle.
These eyes are like the eyes of a living person, blinking and looking down at the forbidden area of ??the Transformation Cave below the formation.
Lin Xin was suspended in the sky, and countless eyes behind him brightened. There was a hint of golden light.
Chi! ! !
The first golden shot shot out from the formation at an angle, like a meteor, dragging a long tail and shooting towards the sand dunes around the temple below.
Immediately afterwards, the second, third, and fourth rays
gradually became more and more numerous, and the dense golden light became more and more dense, like a swarm of meteors and meteorites, frantically bombarding the forbidden area of ??the Evil Temple.
/Lin Xin clasped his hands on his chest, admiring this beautiful picture with some intoxication.
Countless golden meteors flew down from behind him, hitting the surroundings of the vast ancient Temple of the Evil God.
Tens of thousands of creatures cried, screamed, and roared, but they could only struggle to survive under the golden light