not willing to become cannon fodder.

not willing to become cannon fodder.
But following the Great Xia Saint King’s ascension was completely different.
After the Holy King of Great Xia ascended, he heard that he was going to enter the Fire Cloud Cave, the human race’s holy land.
The Human Emperor who has entered the Fire Cloud Cave, whether he is an official in the heaven, or goes to other heavens to serve as a local immortal official, is at least an intermediate immortal official, not to mention that the royal family of Daxia has spread the news that the Holy King of Daxia has obtained the central heaven. The canonization of the Heavenly Jade Emperor starts with the intermediate and upper-level Immortal Officials, directly surpassing the intermediate level.
Most of the immortals in the Immortal Sect are human spirits, and they know exactly what this means.
Intermediate Immortal Officials have been able to open mansions and build teeth and lead their own side.
The rank of mid-level and upper-level Immortal Officials is very high. With the qualifications of the Holy King of Great Xia, he is not only an innate body, a divine emperor, but also a human emperor. He will definitely have an important task. It is very likely that he will become the emperor of the heaven as soon as he gets up.
Following this heavenly emperor, they also have a backer in the heavenly world, and their status has also increased.
Not to mention being promoted, at least they won’t be easily used as cannon fodder, or directly sent to the Heavenly Soldier Camp to become Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals.
Soon after, a large area of ??auspicious clouds appeared. In the auspicious clouds, a huge golden phoenix with strong fairy light flowing around it roared over in an instant.
Fengling directly manifested the body of a golden phoenix. Her eyes were filled with joy, and she motioned for Zhang Jian to come directly to her back.
Zhang Jian had a spiritual connection with her, so he felt something about it, but he declined his kindness. Instead, he waved his hand and a majestic red dragon appeared in the clouds.
The majestic red dragon circulates, the national destiny is shaken, the boundless imperial energy, the dragon energy gathers and goes straight towards the bullfighting.
It was the protector dragon god that he condensed after advancing to the fourth level with the Nine Dragons Scripture of the National Fortune Immortal Technique.
Its power is extremely powerful, equivalent to nine red-veined fire dragons condensed into one, possessing the power of the Taiyi True Number level.
Soon after, Bai Xianyin and Bai Gui also returned and entered the square.
In the distance, True Immortal Bai Qiu and Bai Jiu can be seen looking at this side eagerly.
/There was a bit of reluctance in his eyes, but he was more happy for Bai Xianyin and Bai Gui.
Zhang Jian sensed the arrival of the auspicious moment and activated his own power to summon the celestial portal.
Above the sky, a large area of ??skylight suddenly emerged, piercing through the many auspicious c