Ashiya. The former Li Yulang and I were a little stunned when we heard this. We dare to think that this little girl knows the inside story.

Ashiya. The former Li Yulang and I were a little stunned when we heard this. We dare to think that this little girl knows the inside story.
“What do you know?” I asked hurriedly. But when I asked, Yoshiko Ashiya stopped talking again, which made me and Riyurou become anxious, and shouted hurriedly: “Don’t tell me half of it, tell me what’s going on here?”
/I saw that Yoshiko Ashiya seemed a little worried, so I told Riyurou not to worry. The fact that this girl could speak like this showed that she had the heart to tell the truth. But it can be seen that she probably knows a lot of things. Once she says it out, it will be like destroying Abe’s reputation. I guess, why would she know? It must be because she had a relationship with Abe Unzan in the past. Neither of them was willing to throw away their couple rings, so they must still be inseparable. These two childhood sweethearts were each other’s first love, and their relationship must be very deep. Moreover, the two of them broke up at that time not willingly. The main reason is that there are too many obstacles from the family. Before Abe Unzan made such a big move, I guess he would definitely tell Yoshiko Ashiya, so this little girl probably knows the truth.
I walked up and gently patted Ashiya Yoshiko on the shoulder. He whispered: “What I need you to understand is that Abe Unzan is doing very terrible things, and what he is doing now is endangering the lives of many people. Have you seen your teacher? If it weren’t for what Abe Unzan did He won’t be so seriously injured. If what he does now is not stopped in time, more people like your teacher will suffer. Do you want this to happen? ”
Yoshiko Ashiya looked into my eyes. Revealing a deep shake, I continued: “You have studied in college. I don’t know if your Japanese schools promote moral conduct, but since you have read so many books, you must at least understand something! We must do Upright people, even if they cannot be selfless, but when our friends or lovers go astray, we should bring them back to the right path, are you right?”
After these words, Ashiya Yoshiko finally made up her mind, She looked at the ring on her hand, bit her lip and said, “He has been practicing secretly with several evil onmyojis several years ago, and the cause of this incident was actually that he and I were “We were forced to break up.”
After that, Ashiya Yoshiko briefly told us what happened.
There is a reason why Abe Unzan suddenly rebelled and became so crazy from the heir of an orthodox Onmyoji family. The reason was the breakup of the two people. Back then, Abe Unzan and Ashiya Yoshiko fell in love. In fact, from the beginning, these two people just wanted to take revenge on their family. Both of them were in the rebellious stage at the time, and the family was in charge of everything. The Abe family, in particular, had very high requirements for Abe Unzan, and they trained him as their future successor. Almost from the time they can remember, they lived like a robot. Work and rest. In addition, both of them are