light flashed, and half of the branches on the ground had already grown. No trace.

light flashed, and half of the branches on the ground had already grown. No trace.
“Unless you have the cultivation level of the Xuantian realm, you cannot completely cut off this osmanthus tree. But except for the immortal gods who hold important positions in the Heavenly Palace, if the monks of the Xuantian realm take action here, there will only be one result… .That is to be sucked into the prison and trapped here like them.”
A deep voice came from behind. Zhou Jijun frowned and turned around to see a barefooted middle-aged man looking at each other. The palace has a complicated expression.
/With his hand on the long sword at his waist, Zhou Jijun stared closely at the man who appeared at an unknown time, with a look on his face, but the man just looked at the prison palaces with complicated eyes and ignored Zhou Jijun.
“Are you the guard here?”
Zhou Jijun pondered and asked.
“Fellow Taoist, you are worrying too much. I am just an immortal from the Heavenly Palace.”
After a long time, the barefoot man sighed softly, looked at Zhou Jijun meaningfully, and said with a slight smile.
“I am Liu Hai. Like you thousands of years ago, I came to this Lihentian and tried to cut off the sweet-scented osmanthus tree. However, due to the secret of Xuantian, I triggered the mechanism. If I hadn’t carried a magic weapon with me, I would have been in prison that day.”
“If what you said is true, why did you become a person in the Heavenly Palace today when you came to rob the prison?”
“Hahaha, do you think Lihen is innocent and unguarded? There were 30,000 narcissus hidden in the river that day, and there were also large armies stationed in the sky below. Once there was any movement in Lihen’s sky, there would be Surrounded by thousands of troops.”
Liu Hai had a simple face, something vaguely rolled in his eyes, and he sighed quietly for a long time.
“I didn’t expect this at the beginning. I was trapped in a tight siege and had no choice but to return to the Heavenly Palace. But it’s good, at least I can get closer to them.”
Seeing the pure eyes of the bangs, without any hint of hypocrisy, Zhou Jijun’s heart moved. He raised his eyebrows and asked.
“Did Taoist Lu Ya ask you to come here back then?”
Liu Hai hesitated slightly and looked deeply at Zhou Jijun with a strange look on his face.
“How do you know, could it be…”
In this way, Liu Hai and himself are generally Lu Ya’s chess pieces, one behind the other, but thousands of years apart.
Zhou Jijun’s expression was slightly complicated. Lu Ya had told him before that he would only use Fa Tian as a pawn, and Zhou Jijun believed it. However, only the Xuantian realm could cut off the osmanthus tree in Lihentian. Could it be that he had already expected that he would break through Xuantian in one fell swoop before letting him go? Come yourself. Also, Tiangong can control so many continents, so he must have eyes and ears in Dongsheng Shenzhou. When he was in Chang’an City, he was still in the realm of Fatian. Even if the people in Tiangong knew th