n he heard that he still had three days to live.

n he heard that he still had three days to live.
“I want you to help me figure out where the Bay Bone is. If it’s in the white building, you’d better help me figure out how to enter the white building.”
“Aren’t you forcing things on others? I’m with Deputy Director Xia I don’t have much status, so why should I help you?” He yelled at me in a hoarse voice.
“Haha. How to do it is your business, I only look at the results. If you want to find someone to help you break the curse, I welcome it. But there are no more than three people in Guangzhou who can help you break the curse, and these three are all He’s an expert you can’t see. Call Yang Ran after you finish what I said. I’ll wait for your news.” After saying that, I pulled Yang Ran and left the room. The gray rat watched us leave with an uncertain expression.
After leaving his house, Yang Ran shook off my hand and asked, “Why don’t you let me kill him!”
/“Haha, why bother dirtying your hands? What’s more, he is still useful to us.” I Said with a smile.
“Do you really think he can help us? He is just an abandoned son of Deputy Director Xia now!”
“Then let’s wait and see. It’s only three days anyway. We’ll see the results then.” I decided. this world. It happened to be the same time as Deputy Director Xia gave me.
“Will you, like Captain Li, end up going to Deputy Director Xia?” Yang Ran already knew from me about Deputy Director Xia’s recruitment of candidates, and she obviously couldn’t accept it. After all,those three people were all killed by Deputy Director Xia. This hatred has always been lingering in her heart, and she has never forgotten it in the past many years.
“Haha, I’ll see when the time comes. I don’t know.” I gave her an ambiguous answer. “As for the squirrel, I have a hunch that he will definitely surprise me.”
Deputy Director Xia’s men have already withdrawn. , so Yang Ran’s hiding place is safe for the time being. Two days passed in the blink of an eye, and the alarm in the basement suddenly rang. While Yang Ran was watching the CCTV, the phone at hand also rang.
“Squirrel!” Yang Ran heard the voice coming from the phone and saw the figure of the squirrel appearing on the CCTV. It was he who triggered the alarm and got through Yang Ran’s call.
When he walked out of the basement, the gray mouse didn’t look good. It was obvious that he had been busy these days. He probably wanted to find someone to solve the curse, but he definitely couldn’t. In the end, he had to find a way to satisfy my request. There are basically two reasons for him to appear here. Either he came to beg me for mercy because he had no other choice, or he thought of a way to come to me in exchange for his own life.
“How was it?” I asked.
“If I help you get the Bay Bone, will you really spare my life?” He subconsciously touched his neck. In the past two days, he couldn’t remember how many times he subconsciously touched his own neck. Neck, maybe a thousand times.
“Okay. It sounds like you have found a way?” I asked.
“I don’t know if Bayu is hidden in