The mouse frowned. He frowned, this guy was smart, he should have noticed before that there was something wrong with the continuous deaths in the cell. Now after listening to my words, he must be very uneasy, but he is not ready to take the bait. My words are just a hook thrown out. Wait for him to bite.
That night, I asked Brick not to sleep, and then placed three cigarettes in front of the door, standing upright, like incense.
At about eight or nine o’clock at night, the corridor of the cell was very quiet. Brick asked strangely: “Xiao Shan, you said something strange must happen at night. Is it true?”
“Just watch, it must be true.”
I He nodded.
About half an hour later, one of the three cigarettes in front of our door suddenly fell out, and I immediately became nervous. When a stick of incense is poured out, a ghost passes by the door. I just saw it very clearly. There was no wind blowing through the door. Logically speaking, the cigarette would not fall over.
There was no ghost at the door, and it was obvious that it had no intention of coming in. A moment later, screams suddenly came from the cell not far away. Alarming the guards and the prisoners in other cells, Brick and I hurried to the door of the cell and looked outside. We saw several guards rushing in and then carrying someone out soon after. He looked similar to the man I saw being carried out before!
I glanced around and saw a gray figure standing not far away looking at the crowd. Sure enough, it was it!
But I saw the ghost slowly raising its head and staring at me coldly. I immediately felt a pain in my head, as if I was going to have a nosebleed again. I hurriedly avoided its gaze and took a few steps back, walking to the bedside. Strangely enough, once I stopped looking at this ghost, my head no longer hurt and my physical condition improved a lot.
“What’s going on?”
I couldn’t figure out this change in myself.
“It’s really dead, Xiaoshan, you are right, someone has died again!”
/Brick shouted to me in surprise.
I had expected that people would die. That ghost can’t stop right away. The cell is a very strange place to begin with. The yin energy in the cell is always very heavy. This yin energy will become stronger and stronger as time goes by. However, the prison guards and armed police all wear Ghosts are basically afraid to approach people with evil spirits, especially those with guns in their hands and wearing police uniforms.
Therefore, the prison has formed a rather strange situation. Although the yin energy is very strong and lingers for a long time, there are very few ghosts causing trouble.
What is the background of the female ghost who appeared this time? How dare she show up in such a place with such strong evil aura!
“I know someone will definitely die. When we go out for a while, we will look for mice and we will definitely get something.”
After hearing what I said, Brick suddenly looked at me strangely. I said, “How do you know that?”
I smiled and said, “The thing that is causing trouble in the