ected. Therefore, I need demon talisman seeds. The more the better, you can figure it out. “

ected. Therefore, I need demon talisman seeds. The more the better, you can figure it out. ”
He found the opponent’s headquarters, naturally in order to collect more, otherwise why would he come so far away to visit?
“I’m about to learn about your strength.”
The voice on the floating island of Shunxingmen showed no trace of anger, as if the person being threatened was not him.
Buzz! !
Suddenly, the entire floating island lit up with white light, and delicate and complicated runes appeared densely on the ground.
The small light arrays one after another are like combined blocks, swimming and combining with each other, gradually forming larger three-dimensional array patterns.
Then larger shapes began to combine with each other. In less than a moment, thousands of formations on the entire floating island were all combined into a huge two-headed dog that was thousands of meters long.
The two-headed dog was initially composed of a large number of lines, and then gradually became covered with brilliance. The entire body of the two-headed dog was slowly covered with a layer of substantial skin and flesh.
Soon, the huge monster with a length of one thousand meters and a height of seven to eight hundred meters looked like a real giant beast, staring at Lin Xin with its huge eyes.
The blood-red eyes, canine teeth that are still dripping acid, and the strong and terrifying muscles all over the body all show that this monster has the most terrifying strength and destructive power.
“This is the powerful Yuanjing Formation!”
Lin Xin just took a look at it from a distance and immediately understood that this should be a set of Yuanjing Formation. There are all ants under the Yuan Jing, but the formation can be infinitely close to its power, reaching the point where it exceeds the fourth-grade Yuan Jing and is weaker than the fifth-grade Yuan Jing.
It’s just that the consumption and cost of the combination is huge. Even if the general sect has a powerful Taoist person in charge, it is unable to support such consumption.
“Interesting.” Lin Xin looked at the giant two-headed dog with a hint of bloodthirsty in his eyes.
The opponent was obviously well prepared and knew that he was powerful. He didn’t even come out to the opposite side and directly started the formation.
At this time, the spacecraft was still more than ten miles away from the floating island. Lin Xin directly landed the ship and prepared to pass by land.
The opponent’s formation was activated extremely quickly, and it only took less than a dozen breaths from start to formation. It seems that the formation is in a semi-active state at any time.
“Let’s go from the land.”
/Lin Xin doesn’t plan to attack from the air. It’s much more concealed on land, and he can attack it at any time. The formation cannot continue forever, and the daily consumption is astronomical. , so he had other plans.
With a bang, the spacecraft landed on the ground. After a layer of transparent airflow formation acted as a buffer, the strong black ironwood bottom