me bad.

me bad.
After being reborn, the most gratifying thing about Zhao Song is that to this day, even with his golden finger, he can shout out to everyone the words “I have a clear conscience”.
He believes that hard work will eventually pay off, and good things will definitely outweigh bad things!
The screen turned back to Huaqing High School.
In this world, many countries have a very special guard force.
In the United States, it is called ‘k9’ because of its homophonic pronunciation.
In Russia, one of the more well-known units is the ‘Russian Emergency Service, Active Shepherd Dog Search and Rescue Brigade’. ‘
In flower growers, there are guard dogs that stick with the guard soldiers, falcon dogs that drive away birds with the orderlies, patrol dogs in border mountains and island units, and dogs that have been with soldiers since they were young, etc. These “silent words” “Comrade-in-arms” is a special existence for soldiers and has made special contributions to the construction of the army.
However, most of the time they only have two solitary names: ‘military dog’, or ‘police dog’.
The belt was like a hissing snake, biting at its head, ears and back. The black and yellow fur on its body was bitten off in clusters by the belt, spinning in the air. It did not dodge or dodge, squatting motionless, letting the belt fall like raindrops on its body. It is a military dog, and no matter how its owner punishes it, it must accept it without complaint.
“Get out!” Captain Lu kicked it. It fell to the ground, quickly stood up and squatted in its original position.
“Go back to Xiagou Village. You are not allowed to come back and cause trouble!
This time it understood its master’s order. It clamped its tail, lowered its head, and ran along the forest path to Xiagou Village.
Its name is Lian Shun, a retired police dog, graduated
from the Beijing Military Dog Breeding and Training Base and retired from an armed police force.
/Therefore, he is both a military dog ??and a police dog. “, this was the first impression that Lian Shun left on Brother Lu.
So, after completing training in anti-terrorism and riot prevention, security patrols, security search and rescue, investigation and tracking, etc., Lian Shun became a veritable silent “special force”.
It lasted for 7 years.
Now, it is employed by Zhao Song, the richest flower grower, and serves as the chief patrol dog of Xiagou Village. On the afternoon of May 7,
Lian Shun squatted honestly
not far from the gate of Huaqing High School. Next to Zhao Song, although the sparse long hair between its nose and lips has gone bald, showing a bit of aging, its slim belly and wide chest, well-developed and full muscles, the conspicuous scar on its shoulder blade and the short hair The majestic and brave demeanor of his youth could still be seen in the small right front paw. Suddenly, the calm Lian Shun stood up straight, his whole body ready for action,
his face showed a vigilant expression. , take your dog’s paws away! ~”
“Woof woof woof! ~”
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