ly, “Tesla and mid-tower chassis are going home.”

ly, “Tesla and mid-tower chassis are going home.”
Zhao Song was very happy that Li Wei had made such a decision. It didn’t cost much to open a small trading company in Eagle Country, but it had a positive meaning for her.
Be less indulgent and do what you like. Zhao Song is happy that Li Wei has changed like this.
“I just hope you can sell my chassis, bitch!”
/Zhonghai’s vendors were full of envy of Tesla’s empty counters before, but now they are jealous!
Although the two Tesla counters were not crowded, they were still crowded.
What really makes other vendors jealous is that Tesla sells complete machines – no assembly, no system installation, three price ranges of hosts, and two brand monitors for you to choose from.
If the customer is too lazy to install it himself, the Tesla salesman will take him to the counter of a nearby dealer and, for 20 yuan, everything will be done for you.
Of course, for heavy CRT monitors, some customers will choose door-to-door installation services, which cost 50 yuan, including the fact that the clerk will install a pirated system for you in his own name.
Tesla offers the same one-year warranty as branded computers.
This is also the reason why Zhao Song does not do VIA and AMD, it is too unstable.

Looking at the two middle-aged men with bad expressions in front of them, Zhao Song said helplessly: “Boss, the chassis can’t meet Tesla’s needs, so we won’t ship it out alone.”
One of the middle-aged men smiled. He said: “Zhao Song, we are the chassis supplier from across the street. Since you can’t deliver the goods, we will copy them in County Q.”
Zhao Song nodded. It would be a big deal if these two Pacific merchants came to say hello. Benevolent and righteous.
“Of course, the market is like this. If the two eldest brothers come to say hello, they are looking up to the younger brother. Except that you need to pay attention to the fact that the T is a trademark, the rest is casual.”
After seeing off the two Pacific merchants, Zhao Song walked out of the counter.
These days, as long as there is a good product that sells well, it won’t take long for a bunch of people to follow suit and imitate it. As for patents, what are they?
Zhonghai has been silent for half a month, which is enough to give him face. Zhao Song cannot be ignorant. You have to explain it to China Overseas’s chassis supplier.
Boss Feng was sitting on the horse, counting the banknotes one by one, while Zhao Song squatted beside him and watched.
Zhao Song made him forget the numbers. Boss Feng said helplessly: “I don’t owe you money, it’s you who owe me money. What do you want me to do?”
“I’ll settle it before I get off work.”
“If I don’t go, I’ll settle it once a week . , How can I settle the bill every day?
“Tell me what’s going on?” “I passed you two times when I was doing business at the chassis counter,” Zhao Song said to Liu Cong’s back with a frown on his face, “Why did you get rid of me?” ”
So you can recruit people away?” Boss Feng said angrily: “My father’s su