other, Brother Zhao Song, I’m leaving. “

other, Brother Zhao Song, I’m leaving. ”
Zhao Song smiled and put him in the car, and nodded to the sales elites inside: “Thank you, please go slower on the road.”
At the toll gate, the Coster driver took the paper voucher and accelerated smoothly until it passed by. After disappearing from sight, the two of them sat back in the car.
“Turn around and go to the other side.”
/Xizi started the vehicle and looked in the rearview mirror and asked, “Who should we pick up?”
“Big leader.” Zhao Song answered with a roll of his eyes, obviously showing no respect for the so-called big leader. “How about the convenience store.”
“There are a lot of people.” Xizi smiled, “Mineral water is 1.5 yuan more expensive, and Coke is 2 yuan more. However, the express store has corresponding points bonus, and many members buy here in order to upgrade their level.
/“Where is the service?” ”
No service!” Xizi smiled bitterly and shook his head, “The number of employees in this store has reached the limit. We are still busy answering customer questions while loading goods. There is no time to pay attention to service issues.” ”
As he spoke, the vehicle had completed its U-turn and parked at the service area heading towards Beijing. The one kilometer on this side was already overcrowded, and there was even a queue. Many customers who came out were not only carrying bags, but also Booklet.
‘City Guide’ is designed to provide one-kilometer VIP customers with free advisory services in transportation, tourism, accommodation, catering, attractions, etc.
“We’re queuing up.”
Zhao Song looked over and saw two one-kilometer employees starting to maintain order with smiles on their faces.
This is the Flower Planting Expressway, with a total mileage of 37,000, ranking second in the world. The average passenger flow of a single store within one kilometer reaches 80% of CBD stores, and the turnover is 120%. More than ten years later, the total mileage reached 140,000, ranking first in the world, and passenger flow and turnover doubled.
“You want to go in?”
After getting off the car, Bai Li, who had been silent, suddenly asked.
Zhao Song understood what she meant. Entering meant participating in the highway industry. He looked at her calmly and said, “Yes.”
“How to enter?”
“It’s not a matter of how.” Zhao Song shook his head, “Who is it?” The question of going in first.”
Bai Li became more and more interested: “What do you mean?”
Zhao Song explained: “For Zhongguancun Holdings, there are currently three options to choose from. First, build logistics in various places. Secondly, DK has reached a strategic partnership with the Zhonghua Transportation Science and Design Institute to jointly develop highway toll collection, monitoring, communication, networking and other systems to achieve its goals; thirdly No matter the identity of Party A or Party B, no matter who owns the service area, One Kilometer Commerce, as a third party, must take three paths to enter directly.
The question now is who will be the attacker. ”