rson. Xiao Yu doesn’t like it.

rson. Xiao Yu doesn’t like it.
A charming man began to play with her hair. His name was Xiao Li, a professional hairstylist who was neither male nor female. Xiaoyu didn’t like it.
Two rows of clothes racks were pushed in front of her, and several pairs of matching fitness clothes were waiting for her to choose. There were several brands, but she couldn’t escape from several luxury group partners, and Xiao Yu didn’t like them.
A row of sports watches were also placed as far as she could see. They were just the brands of a few partners. However, Xiaoyu couldn’t help but feel sad when she thought about not being able to carry her favorite Casio for two years. .
At this time, the sudden flash of fill light made Xiao Yu squint her eyes, and the left front photographer, right front camera, left rear nutritionist, and right rear fitness consultant also began to perform their duties.
Xiaoyu took a deep breath and muttered silently in her heart:
“Farewell Casio and Hui Li; farewell Del Hui and Jay Chou.”
In the next two years, what she wears from head to toe, what time she spends from morning to night, and even what she eats and what she watches The magazines and the music you listen to will be decided by others. Every move she makes will be completely revealed to the world!
But so what, I have to complete my promise even with tears in my eyes.
Xiaoyu could only resist fiercely in her heart:
/“It’s all fake, I don’t like it!”
At the same time, in the Tsukiji Market dozens of kilometers away from Xiaoyu’s hotel, there was also someone who knew about this grand event that had already begun. Media scam’ people.
Paul has not yet figured out the relationship between the virtual doll and the rich man’s sister, and he cannot escape brand building and product marketing.
Paul is very interested in this, especially when more and more business professors and more and more international companies begin to gather in Tokyo.
Reporting is just Paul’s side job, his main job is being a writer.
Paul stopped writing irritably, put away the draft of his work, and stood up.
/Entrusted and arranged by the public relations party, Paul rushed over at 3 o’clock in the morning, because a big news would happen here in a few hours. At first, Paul didn’t care, thinking it was just a soft article from a new angle, but as time went on As he got to know more and more deeply, Paul gradually became uneasy.
“It’s nothing more than a new marketing method,” he murmured to himself, “It’s the 21st century, and even geopolitics has begun to be refined into the field of psychology. What does it mean to open another course in marketing?”
“Selling increasingly expensive non-daily necessities to consumers is nothing more than a new ‘consumerism trap.'”
Paul couldn’t guess Tesla’s ultimate method, but he vaguely felt that as an ordinary consumer, that young What the rich man is about to come up with may not be so friendly to him!
The bell interrupted Paul’s thinking. He took the interview pass blankly, went to the auction