sted. Now, he wants these people to understand what kind of company Tesla is!

sted. Now, he wants these people to understand what kind of company Tesla is!
“What are Frank, Mapel, and that black one called?”
Liu Ying said speechlessly: “John.”
“Yes, John,” Zhao Song said, not caring about his attitude, “Are they here?”
” I arrived early and am rehearsing in the conference room.”
“How are the preparations in Times Square?”

The stage has been set up and the equipment is being installed.”
“The number of your donation is impressive, boss. I was shocked. All the police officers on leave have returned to work. In three hours, they will send out the largest police force there. ” Very good,” Zhao Song said with an appreciative look on his face, “Thank
for your hard work.” Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, she persuaded: “Boss, why don’t you take a break? I feel that with the bell-ringing opening song, the following activities are really meaningless.”
After all, she couldn’t help but tell the truth.
“Music is the most direct and powerful form of expression besides our mother tongue!”
After saying this, Liu Ying couldn’t help but rolled her eyes, shook her head, and sighed:
“You Didn’t you see the USB flash drive I gave you?”
Liu Ying said helplessly: “Boss, I’m very busy.”
“That’s not the four of us performing, but 10,000 senior Tesla fans and 10,000 Teslas. A confession from ordinary employees to all investors!”
Although Liu Ying knew that the Tesla business team had been extremely busy recently, Liu Ying had no idea that this event would involve a huge number of 20,000.
“Twenty thousand or twenty thousand? At that intersection?”
“No!” ”
It’s not twenty thousand, there’s only one! By then, everyone will only see the movements of a precision machine, and I will let the whole world know that in my After spending so much effort and money, what kind of company is Tesla?”
December 20, 8:00 am New York time.
Zhao Song stretched out a finger and said mysteriously:
Long guns and short guns have been set up at the gate of the New York Stock Exchange. After Tesla’s long-term publicity, all the media who can name it are here.
It is no exaggeration to say that from now to the end of the day, one name may be heard all over the world, and that is Tesla. If I had to add another name, it would be Zhao Song.
Therefore, even though there are thousands of lights on the other side of the ocean, everyone related to Zhao Song is not idle.
The driver of Santong Yida is driving the car attentively; the assemblers of Shanshi are carefully installing the keycaps; the testers of Wesonic are debugging the headphones; at Wuming and United Semiconductor, when other companies have turned off the lights, their overtime work It has also become the norm.
/The cleaners at the Tesla Industrial Park are working hard to clean up, and they must provide a good working environment for the next shift of workers; the assembly line workers go home from get off work to the sound of bells, some are chatting on the road, and some are silent, perhaps in their hearts Worrying about trivi