it’s all over? “

it’s all over? ”
I rolled my eyes at him.
“Bullshit. If I don’t explain the reasons clearly, you will definitely ask me during the investigation later. I don’t like following you with a pile of information every day. Okay, let’s talk about the list you just saw. That is a List of earth beasts killed by it.”
Hearing this. I paused, then took the information over and looked at it again. It listed a series of names of earth beasts, some of which I could find in “Mountain Monster Stories”. Several of them were labeled as ferocious beasts and the like.
“How did you get this information?”
I asked.
“Mr. Tang’s intelligence work was very good, and the information he gave was very sufficient. His people investigated and found out that these were earth beasts that had been killed by this monkey king in the past. Judging from the date, this monkey king It has been active in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas for a long time, and there have been many sightings of its activities for as long as ten years. Its methods are very brutal, and its action organization and planning are very strong. This is the first time that it has been singled out. , so we should be thankful that this is an opportunity given to us by God to deal with a severely injured monkey king who has a high reward and is alone.”
After finishing speaking, the fat man threw the photo to me.
“Reward? What do you mean?”
I asked while picking up the photo.
“This monkey king has killed so many people, and it is well-known in the circle. There are many people who want its life. There is a reward for it. Whoever kills this monkey king will get all the rewards.”
The fat man explained.
“Oh, how many are there?”
I asked nonchalantly. In my opinion, how much more reward could be offered? It would only be a few thousand dollars at most.
“One hundred thousand.”
Unexpectedly, the fat man quoted a sky-high price as soon as he opened his mouth. My jaw almost dropped,
and I said in surprise: “So high!” “Well, it’s just that high, and it’s said that someone will increase it even more. The brothers, family members, organizations or sects of the people this monkey killed were all involved, so it can be considered as a cause of public outrage. Mr. Tang’s family is not the only one targeting it now!”
The fat man put out the cigarette butt with a smile on his face. .
There is a reward of 100,000 yuan for a monkey’s life, which is quite funny.
/“What can Mr. Tang profit from?”
I asked. Mr. Tang is also a businessman, and he won’t do anything without any profit. There must be some benefit in this matter. The one hundred thousand yuan is a big money in the eyes of me and the fat man, but it is insignificant in his eyes. He definitely wouldn’t come here for the 100,000 yuan bounty. It is estimated that the monkey itself has some special value.
“Mr. Tang didn’t say this, but he told us that it’s best to capture him alive. Even if we can’t capture him alive, we should leave the whole body. Hehe, there must be some kind of treasure in this thing. You chec