Especially Fantasy’s main 1+1 computer. I remember that in Zhongguancun a year ago, customers The queue to buy this product is 500 meters long.

Especially Fantasy’s main 1+1 computer. I remember that in Zhongguancun a year ago, customers The queue to buy this product is 500 meters long.
“But what if Tesla comes up with a flagship product that can support a franchise store?” Zhao Song took out the Dimeng MP3 and put it on the table. People watch along with their shadows.
/“This thing is not an MD, but a portable multi-functional digital multimedia player that can store more than a hundred songs at will. It has greater advantages than CDs and tape players.”
/Xingsheng nodded: “I know it, Zhongguancun has There are a few sporadic companies selling this product, but the origin is not right. ”
“The relevant technologies are all public. If there is a model with a very beautiful appearance, entry-level HIFI-level sound quality, it can store thousands of songs at will. , what will happen to products that provide a one-year warranty?”
Zhao Song took out Lu Li’s USB flash drive from his pocket and inserted it into his laptop.
“Hitachi has launched a 5G ultra-small hard drive to the market, so that all related technologies have been overcome.”
Zhao Song said while operating: “This is my idea, designed by a designer graduated from the top design school in the United States, and designed by Huaqing A concept drawing made by a college student is also a brand-new digital player. Before the emergence of Tesla brand machines, it can be used as a flagship product in Tesla stores. ”
At this time, on the screen ! Showing the rectangular electronic product made by Lu Li, Zhao Song said: “We at Tesla call it the
IPOD generation!”
Through Tianyin, Zhao Song thought of the shocking acquisition case when Fangzheng Group withdrew from the field of home personal computers a few years ago. Acer spent 1 billion on the entire Founder Group’s marketing network in the northern market.
Zhao Song understood that it was completely fanciful to rely on a small Tesla to complete the nationwide marketing network layout.
Not to mention anything else, Liu Cong’s phone calls have never been interrupted in the past few days since he came back. Either there was a conflict with someone in Dongshan Province, or there was a sudden sales dispute in the store in Shishi.
Flower growers not only have national conditions, but also how can we ignore the people’s conditions in various places.
In the words of Sister Da Da, Tesla has completed the layout of the entire self-operated store in North China in a short period of time, and has used this to expand into East China. It is like a newborn calf that is not afraid of tigers, and the fun is yet to come.
The establishment of Tesla’s marketing network has cost more than 6 million so far, but Zhao Song feels that the tuition is worth it. He understands that no matter how conservative he is in front of an old bastard, he must do things that comply with the laws of the market. matter.
Zhao Song took out Bai Li’s Dimeng player and placed it on the conference table. With a “clatter” sound, the spare parts in the player were scattered all