ed anymore. Either you find a way for me, or you can take over it for me!”

ed anymore. Either you find a way for me, or you can take over it for me!”
Total funds: 1.3 million
Not to mention bullying the local indigenous people, even taking advantage, Zhao Song never thought about it.
After he was reborn, his biggest wish was to buy a house; regarding the house issue, his biggest warning to himself was not to participate in the demolition of any urban village in Kyoto.
After paying so much and spending a lot of money, the villagers of Xiagou Village accepted Zhao Song’s existence and allowed him to torment in the village.
They joked that Zhao Song was half a native of Xiagou Village. But that was only half of it. He never dared to go beyond it even a little bit. When he was exhausted, he just tormented Xiaoyu’s homestead. At this point, Zhao Song understood clearly, but Director Qi and Lao Feng did not understand it.

China Overseas Electronics Market.
Zhao Song put down his phone expressionlessly and suddenly laughed.
There will be a day when I can bully others with my power! This feeling is so damn good!
“Crazy!” Fu Jianxing, who was sitting aside, cursed.
“You are scolding me in your heart!” Zhao Song said suddenly.
Fu Jianxing was startled and shook his head hastily: “No, no.”
Zhao Song looked back on the past and said with emotion: “Once, in order to prevent others from seeing that I was scolding him in my heart, I practiced a lot in front of the mirror. “For a long time.”
“You are a psycho!” Fu Jianxing lowered his head and cursed.
“That’s the expression!” Zhao Song pointed at him in surprise.
Fu Jianxing looked helpless and quickly changed the subject: “Zhao Song, OEM or OEM is more cost-effective than doing it yourself. Even if Pegatron can’t do it, you can go to Gigabyte?”
/“Do you know BenQ?” Zhao Song did not directly. In answer to his words, Fu Jianxing nodded and continued: “We just invested 3 billion to build a TFT-LCD LCD screen production base in Suzhou City. For such a large company, Qingyun, the third-tier foundry, kicked it off.”
In two years, the uniforms of Real Madrid and Galaxy will be printed with BenQ-Siemens. BenQ at this time is so awesome! But that little Qingyun OEM just didn’t want it because the order was small.
“What do you think of Tesla compared to BenQ?” Zhao Song said helplessly.
Fu Jianxing remained silent.
I gave birth to a monster like Tesla, and I had to raise him with tears in my eyes.
No longer making those useless sighs, Zhao Song returned to sitting upright.
“Let’s get down to business! What’s going on with the vibrating condom on the island country?”
Fu Jianxing said with a dark face: “My senior brother spent a lot of effort to get in touch with a company. The other party didn’t want to share the money and just wanted to buy it out. The price is 2 million, RMB.”
/“What company?” Zhao Song asked curiously.
“SOD!” Fu Jianxing’s head lowered lower and lower.
Zhao Song was overjoyed and asked eagerly: “The one who shoots human body sports movies?”
He nodded.
Zhao Song slammed the table, “Sold