Although after using the energy ball, more brain energy bullets can be refined, but Liu Qian is not prepared to do so. It’s better not to waste those precious energy balls easily. The brain energy and half-corpse energy used up by previous sacrifices can be recovered naturally by resting quietly.
Two hours later, Liu Gan refined another batch of energy bullets. Liu Gan kept the brain energy bullets for his own use, while Wang Shang distributed the half-corpse energy bullets in his hand to his brothers who were more accurate in using firearms. . Of course, they were told that these bullets could only be used for burst shooting. One shot must destroy a snow-spotted zombie, and they could never be used for strafing.
After nightfall, the wind and snow became heavier and heavier. Just when Liu Gan arranged for night watch personnel to prepare to go to sleep and explore the dreamland county, there were some unusual movements outside the building where they were hiding.
Still quite a movement.
Seven or eight large snow armored vehicles, escorted by more than a dozen snowmobiles, drove into Liujia Village. They probably also took a fancy to this place and wanted to set up camp.
The snow armored convoy reached the center of the village and stopped in front of the building where Liu Qian’s team was located.
Because Blizzard could not go out at all, Liu Qian and others did not notice anything unusual outside until these snow armored convoys came near the building.
Many soldiers wearing full-coverage snow combat uniforms got off the snow armored vehicles and snowmobiles. Some of them were on guard near the snow armored vehicles, while others formed a small team outside the snow armored vehicles, seemingly preparing to attack. Search around.
“They are not from our military. I don’t know who they are.” After Liu Gan pulled the helicopter pilot over, the helicopter pilot looked very surprised when he saw the heavily armed troops outside.
/The style of the snow combat uniforms worn by those outside is obviously very different from the military’s snow combat uniforms. The weapons in their hands are not the military’s standard weapons, including their snow armored vehicles, which are also different from the military’s snow combat uniforms. Ground armored vehicles are very different.
“I know who they are.” After Qianzhou saw the scene outside, he walked over and whispered to Liu Qian.
“Who are they?” Liu Qian asked Qianzhou.
“They are the clone army of the Sanyu Company’s security department.” Qianzhou had a strange look on her face. She had seen a photo of the Sanyu Company’s clone army by chance before, and the one outside The uniforms and weapons of the army soldiers are exactly the same as those of the clone troopers in the photo.
Especially on their armored vehicles painted in white camouflage, the three-ring LOGO of Sanyu Company can be vaguely seen through the lights shining outside the armored vehicles.
“Can you communicate with them?” Liu Qian asked Qianzhou again. The current situation is ve