ny should be beyond words, right?

ny should be beyond words, right?
Although Sun Qi had no way of knowing what happened on the fighting stage after she was unconscious, she could feel that she had been unconscious for a long time. This period of time was enough for Liu Qian to do anything to her, right?
For example, being raped several times and so on.
“Ah! Ah! Ah!”
/Sun Qi was filled with grief and indignation. She looked up to the sky and cried frantically. Then she glared fiercely at Liu Gan on the flying carpet not far away. She didn’t know how she lost. After losing this competition, I just felt that it was because I underestimated the enemy, so I fell into Liu Gan’s little plan and was tainted by him using ulterior means!
Of course Liu Qian didn’t rape Sun Qi. He had no interest in her. After Sun Qi was unconscious just now, he just kicked her into the air like a ball, and her naked body was 360-degree invisible. It was just a blind spot, showing off to everyone in various weird postures.
Other players also cooperated and rushed to take pictures, recording this extremely humiliating scene for Sun Qi.
Just when Liu Gan felt relieved after more than a dozen kicks, the mission organizer announced Sun Qi’s death. Liu Gan won the martial arts competition. Then Sun Qi returned to her flying carpet in full view of the public, and her body recovered again. Covered by clothing.
/Liu Qian: 178 pieces!
“How did you lose?” Liu Yuxuan looked at Sun Qi strangely, and asked her after Sun Qi calmed down a little.
“Too careless! I didn’t pay attention to his ways, and then I didn’t adopt the correct tactics in time as if I was possessed by an evil spirit! Then I was suppressed everywhere! If I fight him again, I have a hundred ways to kill him!” Sun Qi was so humiliated that he no longer wanted to seriously recall what happened on the competition stage, so he just replied viciously to Liu Yuxuan.
“What’s wrong with him?” Liu Yuxuan asked Sun Qi again. Other players also looked here with concern, wondering how the level 14 Sun Qi lost to the level 10 Liu Qian. Such a thing It’s simply impossible!
“It’s all your fault! It’s all your words before the competition! Didn’t you let me lose to him? I have been hesitating whether to lose this round. I entered the loser group to give you a chance. Kill him! But I was reserved, and he accidentally found the opportunity to trick me in a sinister way! It was all because of you! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have lost to him!” I was so ashamed and angry that I couldn’t explain the reason and simply put all the blame on Liu Yuxuan.
“That’s it! I’ve always been surprised that he defeated you without showing any strength. It seems that you were too careless and accidentally fell into his trap!” Liu Yuxuan heard Sun Qi say this He nodded, as if he understood something.
“You want to avenge me! Take off his clothes and explode his anus! Slap him a hundred times and kowtow a thousand times! Otherwise I will never be done with you!” Sun Qi shouted to Liu Yuxuan loudly, she is in trouble now I was so ang