” Liu Gan walked to the window and looked outside, feeling that this idea didn’t seem to be a good one.

” Liu Gan walked to the window and looked outside, feeling that this idea didn’t seem to be a good one.
“We don’t need to deal with the blizzard.” Mo Fan shook his head.
“We just need to leave the hotel. For example, the restaurant is farther away from the battlefield than the hotel. We can return to the restaurant through the underground passage, bring some bedding, and take turns staying on the floor in the restaurant. It will definitely be better than staying in the hotel. It’s much safer in the hotel.” Mo Fan continued.
“Okay.” Although Liu Qian wanted to lie down and have a good sleep now, after listening to Mo Fan’s words, he felt that it made sense, so he decided to go to the restaurant with him to lay the floor.
After going out, Mo Fan knocked on the doors of several other rooms and called out Ke Ming, Li Qingyi and others. Although they didn’t want to leave the hotel and go to the restaurant to lay some kind of floor, since Mo Fan and Liu Qian decided to go, so they had no choice but to go with him.
Fortunately, there are a few strong men now helping to carry the things, so I don’t have to carry the bedding and luggage around myself.
After walking through the long underground passage, everyone returned to the restaurant. There was no one in the restaurant now. Except for the wind that made the windows whine, everything seemed very quiet.
“Why do I feel that the restaurant is more unsafe?” After Ke Ming sat down on the floor, he looked around the empty restaurant, feeling inexplicably frightened.
“Yeah, I don’t think it’s safe here at all. It’s worse than a hotel.” Wang Lujia and Tian Shasha echoed Ke Ming.
Speaking of which, this should be considered the first night they spent in the Thriller World. When they played this game before, even at night, they only experienced the night of the Thriller World in the game. Their bodies were still in a warm, comfortable and safe home. When did they want to Exit You can exit at any time.
But now I am trapped in the game world. I used to sleep in hotels, and I could trick myself into traveling away from home. Now I can’t even sleep in hotels, I have to sleep on the floor in an empty restaurant. It doesn’t feel so good.
“What are you afraid of? There are so many of us here!” Mo Fan looked very calm.
“Do you think there will be ghosts at night?” Tian Shasha muttered while hugging the quilt.
“Yes, there are strange sounds everywhere, like ghosts crying.” Ke Ming looked in the direction of the window, worried that a ghost face would suddenly appear outside the window.
Since it is a game, it might not be anything?
“That’s the sound of the wind blowing against the window crack. Don’t think too much. Thriller World is a zombie game, not a haunted game.” Mo Fan comforted Ke Ming.
/“Brother Liu, have you ever encountered a ghost in the Thriller World?” Wang Lujia asked Liu Gan whether there were ghosts in the Thriller World. Liu Gan’s answer was more reliable.
“No, there are only all kinds of strange zombies, monsters, and even some high