could only temporarily place Liu Qian in Xiangsong Town.

could only temporarily place Liu Qian in Xiangsong Town.
“Don’t worry, Governor! I will serve him with all my heart, and I will never neglect your distinguished guest!” Liu Dagang repeatedly assured Wang Duoduo.
“Brother Wen, please wait for my news, we will definitely meet soon!” Wang Duoduo said goodbye to Liu Gan reluctantly, and then entered the Holy City to prepare for that important meeting.
/“Don’t be sad. You have met all other conditions now, but you just don’t have enough time to stay here. No matter what, you will definitely be able to enter the Holy City in nine days.” Liu Xiaoyi comforted Liu Gan.
/“A waste of life.” Liu Qian muttered in a low voice. It would be such a waste to stay here for nine days with nothing to do. If he were on the Galaxy, if he could just enter a 5-star or 6-star mission, he might be able to do it again. Any new encounters have greatly improved my strength, but what can I do if I stay here?
“Sometimes people shouldn’t hold themselves too tightly. It’s actually a good pleasure to stop occasionally and sit down and enjoy the scenery along the way.” Liu Xiaoyi heard Liu Qian’s muttering, so she persuaded him again A few words.
“Okay.” After Liu Gan heard Liu Xiaoyi’s words, he suddenly felt that it made sense. He was indeed a little crazy during this period. He held himself too tightly and wanted to destroy the Holy Sword Headquarters immediately so that he could lift the seal and become Stronger and never idle for a moment.
Occasionally, you really need to stop and let yourself go. Maybe you will have other thoughts and ideas?
For example, if you go to the boundary of the protective shield, you won’t be able to enter the Holy City for a while anyway. It’s not a waste of time to study where the boundary of the Holy Sword Headquarters area is and what’s going on.
When Liu Qian came over, the communication device on his body did not follow him, so the Galaxy was now unable to lock his position and send reinforcements. For this operation, everything had to be done by himself.
“Are bicycles the only means of transportation in the town?” Liu Gan asked the brother and sister when they returned to Xiangsong Town together.
“Currently, we only have bicycles. When we develop and expand in the future, we may distribute electric vehicles and the like.” Liu Dagang answered Liu Qian.
“Can you lend me one? I want to walk around.” Liu Gan asked Liu Dagang.
“This is no problem. It’s just Brother Wen, where do you want to go?” Liu Dagang agreed, but immediately remembered what Wang Duoduo told him. He must not lose Liu Gan, otherwise he would be in trouble when Wang Duoduo came to ask for someone. It’s troublesome.
“Since you can’t enter the Holy City, let’s explore how big this world is and see what the boundaries of this world are like.” Liu Qian didn’t lie. This kind of thing is considered human nature. His true intentions will not be revealed.
“I’ll be your tour guide.” Liu Xiaoyi immediately proposed to Liu Qian.
“You still have to go to work?” Liu Qian rejected Liu