o before the Death Thunder. He also awakened a new “Sky Thunder Sniper” ‘Powerful abilities!

o before the Death Thunder. He also awakened a new “Sky Thunder Sniper” ‘Powerful abilities!
After feeling the power of Liu Qian, Chen Haiwang is no longer depressed, but is very happy that he is following a strong man, a strong man he is willing to follow forever in the trembling world.
/Amid everyone’s adoring, grateful, and envious gazes, Liu Gan slowly stood up and looked deeply into the depths of the snow-capped mountains.
Just a few minutes ago, when the thunder of death was released, the various qi and blood energies in his body, like the violently surging clouds above his head, were tumbling crazily, and every cell in his body was undergoing another process. After reorganization, the familiar feeling of extreme hunger appeared. It was not the kind of hunger that wanted to eat, but something in the body was quickly drained, making him involuntarily want to absorb more pure energy balls into the body. feeling of hunger.
/He had experienced this scene before when he had a battle with a pure white zombie. There is no doubt that after releasing this death thunder, Liu Qian also officially entered the third stage of the brain!
But it was obvious that this time his hunger was dozens of times more intense than that time. Fortunately, he had enough reserves. After the last experience, Liu Qian unceremoniously absorbed the remaining reserves of pure energy balls into his body without stopping for a moment.
The super energy almost equivalent to all the death thunders in the sky is pounding around in Liu Qian’s body, rolling crazily, and is undoubtedly transforming his body again!
In the first stage of the brain domain, the brain domain energy seemed to only remain in Liu Qian’s body. It felt like it was wandering between cells in the body, but it could not integrate with the body cells. In the second stage of the brain domain, the brain domain energy was integrated with his body cells, circulating and transforming his body while merging with his body cells.
After entering the third stage of the brain, Liu Qian felt that the cells in his body were being broken and reorganized again and again by these massive energies, and then being broken and reorganized again, and finally turned into cells one by one. The half-energy body cells are no longer mixed or fused, but are truly transformed!
At this time, the energy contained in Liu Gan’s body far exceeds the sum of the death thunders in the sky. It is like a giant active volcano that can erupt with energy that will destroy the world at any time, because he is energy! A half-energy biochemical polymer!
When less than one-tenth of the pure energy balls provided by the Brood were left, Liu Qian’s body gradually returned to calm. At this time, every cell in his body had been semi-energized, forming his alloy limbs. All body organs except.
Now Liu Qian no longer needs to suck energy balls, because he can feel the majestic energy between heaven and earth, and even the universe, and he is in this huge energy field. As long as he wants, he can absorb the energy he