e even shorter.”

e even shorter.”
“What suggestions do you have?” Liu Qian looked around at everyone. He came out of the soul cabin. His body was very weak and his mind was still a little dazed, but he encountered such a person. Emergency situations.
“The space-time jump engine is only about 70% complete. We can try to make Galaxy-XHZB-2365 jump to Tundra City, but the success rate is only about 20%.” Virtual imaging of Mo Fan in the conference room Liu Qian answered.
“What if it fails?”
“If it fails, Galaxy-XHZB-2365 will be destroyed by the turbulence of time and space and completely decomposed into particle form.”
“Twenty percent, are you kidding me? Is there any other way?” Liu Qian looked unhappy.
“I have successfully installed the metal castle modification on Galaxy-XHZB-2365 before. Its random jump engine is already working normally. The startup time is about five minutes. Our current escape time is only about fourteen minutes. “Jiang Jinyuan answered Liu Gan.
/“Random jump engine?” Liu Gan frowned.
“Well, after activation, you will be randomly jumped to another unknown time and space. You may lose contact with the Galaxy and the situation will be worse than now. You may also successfully escape from danger, just like gambling on luck.” Jiang Jinyuan answered Liu Dry.
“Is the chance of good luck higher than 20%?”
“I don’t know and Galaxy-XHZB-2365 is still a wreck to be precise. Whether it is jumping to Kuaitu City or making random jumps, the ship There is a possibility of accidental disintegration of the body. ”
“Now I have to choose between the 20% chance of successfully teleporting to Tundra City and the unknown chance of teleporting to some damn place, and no matter where I go. The ship may disintegrate anywhere, right?” Liu Gan confirmed to Mo Fan and Jiang Jinyuan.
“Yes.” The two of them answered Liu Qian together.
“How is the situation of the people on the ground?” Liu Gan turned around and asked Cai Haochen, Jin Xiaofei and others.
“Important personnel have boarded the Galaxy-XHZB-2365, but ordinary personnel are still on the ground and it is too late to board the ship. It happened so suddenly that we did not have time to evacuate.” Cai Haochen lowered his head in shame. head to go.
“Start the random jump engine.” Liu Qian knew that he didn’t have much time to hesitate. Once other warships came to besiege Galaxy-XHZB-2365, they wouldn’t even have a quarter of an hour to retreat.
“Once activated, it is irreversible, otherwise the entire Galaxy-XHZB-2365 will be destroyed. In addition, more than two thousand people on the ground will be abandoned and may die here.” Jiang Jinyuan confirmed to Liu Gan.
“Activate!” Liu Gan punched the table. As the highest decision-maker, in this situation, no matter whether the outcome is good or bad, no matter how painful the decision is, he must make a decisive decision.
“Random jump engine energy check”
/“The energy is 60%, you can jump.”
“Start the random jump engine!”
“The random jump engine has been started”
“Time and space jump will be carri