Gemini did not have a private elevator. In order to control the elevator time and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, Liu Ying could only quietly press a few more floors while riding.
Liu Ying’s biggest gain from her three years at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris is that it is not difficult to do one thing well, but what is difficult is to do it to the extreme!
As the chief secretary, she is Zhao Song’s think tank, assistant, and mouthpiece. Especially on an important day like today when multiple tasks are being carried out simultaneously, she needs to arrange every detail clearly.
So starting from the working meeting of the secretarial team in the morning, she has used the MECE rule to the extreme.
“Xiao Yin, what are the arrangements for the afternoon meeting?”
“The contact person from the Pingchang District Government Office sent a letter saying that preparations have been completed. I will leave for the Pingchang Conference Hall at 10 o’clock to implement it.”
A beautiful woman behind her quickly replied. He is a young and experienced ninth-level secretary. He is a super secretary who can successfully complete all nine stages of the process, from arranging work conference rooms, issuing notices, and following implementation to assigning responsibilities and making processes.
Liu Ying nodded with satisfaction, but still explained: “Take the equipment technical team to check for omissions. Judging from the messages I received one after another in the morning, the status of the participants will be getting higher and higher.”
B4 arrived, the elevator opened, and the sound of the car door opening not far away was heard. Liu Ying’s time control skills had reached the level of proficiency.
/“Good morning, CEO.”
“Good morning, all beauties.” Zhao Song replied with a smile. Anyone who sees four beauties with different styles in the morning will be in a much better mood!
Several people walked into the elevator. The secretaries and two security guards stood staggered like ordinary office workers, only vaguely blocking Zhao Song in the corner.
It’s the morning rush hour. Based on Liu Ying’s experience, at least a dozen people have to get on the elevator after it reaches the first floor, and the whole journey takes about 20 minutes.
To her relief, Zhao Song didn’t ask any questions and just kept staring at the beauties in the video advertisement.
Half an hour later, Zhao Songan was sitting in the president’s office, and the special instant coffee with a temperature of about 60 degrees was brought to hand by the life assistant.
This kind of meticulous personal care seems to have become a kind of knowledge all over the world. It is openly taught in various colleges and universities, making countless people who pursue the desire for money and power unable to stop!
“Thank you.”
Hearing the thank you, the life assistant smiled appropriately and walked out of the office with her butt raised.
After a long time, Zhao Song finally looked back under Liu Ying’s