t suddenly a hint of joy appeared on his face.

t suddenly a hint of joy appeared on his face.
Damn it, why didn’t I think of
it before? Isn’t the man in front of me a top master?
Moreover, the level of alchemy he showed in the Vaughn ruins in the Four Seasons Valley was beyond even his own reach. He can’t solve it now. The problem of the spell solidification of the dark evil python skin does not mean that this young top master cannot solve it.
Originally, if it were anyone else, Suas might still worry about it. As a master, asking another master Wouldn’t it be a bit embarrassing for everyone to ask for help?
But if it were the person in front of him, he wouldn’t have such worries
. Suas felt that it was not shameful to seek help from such a person.
What’s more, this batch of magic materials originally belonged to this young magician, so he should contribute on his own. So
, Suas just thought for a moment and spoke without any burden: “Merlin, how about you give me some advice?”
“Uh” Lin Yun didn’t expect that Suas would be so direct.
But forget it
, it’s my own thing anyway.
“I can’t talk about giving advice, but I do have some immature opinions here. Mr. Suas can take a look and see if they can help with the problems encountered this time.” Lin Yun looked around and was already confused. The Devouring Hand destroyed it to a great extent, and then looked at Herman who was lying on the ground, being dragged to a corner by Master Sean. Lin Yun shook his head helplessly: “Forget it, let’s find another place. Let’s talk about it. Let’s borrow Mr. Caron’s alchemy laboratory again.”
“Okay, I’ll have someone clean it up immediately.” After Suas finished speaking, he turned back and glared at the dumbfounded Barlow: “Go quickly!
” Yes, yes.” Barlow was shocked as if he had just woken up from a dream. He glanced at Lin Yun with a fearful look, then quickly lowered his head and fled out of the alchemy laboratory
and out of the alchemy experiment. Barlow finally let out a long breath.
The moment he carefully closed the door of the alchemy laboratory, Barlow really felt that his vest was soaked with cold sweat.
Barlow really didn’t know how he left the alchemy experiment alive. I
don’t even know where I got the courage before. It
‘s so scary.
Now just thinking about it, Barlow only feels a wave of fear. How could he be so bold at that time, how could he dare to take action against such a pervert? How dare you shout about battle mage? Where did you get the courage?
Fortunately, Suas arrived
until this time, and Barlow finally understood why Suas had such an attitude towards him after he came in. It was not because Suas hated him, but because Suas wanted to keep him. It’s my own life.
/What’s funny is that I haven’t been able to figure it out. I even
secretly slandered Suas a few times.
Now looking back and thinking about it, if Suas hadn’t arrived in time, if Suas hadn’t been so harsh, what would he be like now? I’m afraid I won’t be much better than Herman.
What luck, luck.
While patting his chest with lingering fear, Barl