tion should have been enough to produce more than a hundred Spirit-class battleships.

tion should have been enough to produce more than a hundred Spirit-class battleships.
After communicating with the heads of various projects, Liu Gan adjusted the production plan to produce seventy Ling-class battleships. The remaining productivity and reinforced materials were used to produce a King-class space battleship, which could be used as a The flagship of the Galactic Fleet.
Although the current earth civilization can use materials strengthened by Liu Gan’s mysterious energy to build a king-class battleship, the nuclear fusion engine technology has not yet reached the level of driving a king-class battleship. The mobility of the produced king-class battleship will be completely Unable to meet the needs of space warfare.
However, considering that the circumstellar particle collider will be built fifty years before the fleet of five vehicles and five civilizations comes to the solar system, the technology of the earth’s civilization will have a qualitative improvement by then, and controllable nuclear fusion technology may be possible in one fell swoop. By upgrading from intermediate to advanced, there will be enough technology to develop a new type of nuclear fusion engine for use by King-class battleships.
During this period, Liu Qian used his powerful space jumping ability to jump to Sirius, Luda, Tianyuan IV, Tiancang V, Barnard’s star and other stars closer to the earth for exploration, but there was no Traces of the existence of other civilizations were found in these galaxies, and some valuable things were also found.
Not long after that ancient energy group escaped from the solar system, it disappeared from the surveillance of the shuttle-shaped exploration ship. According to the analysis of the system robot, this ancient energy group probably had some kind of special power in the empty void of the universe after leaving the galaxy. Its teleportation or jumping ability, or some kind of invisibility ability, makes it impossible for the fusiform exploration ship to track its figure.
/Liu Qian still felt a little regretful about this ancient energy group. He didn’t know when he would meet another one, or meet its kind, so that Liu Qian could increase his own mysterious energy by devouring them.
According to Liu Qian’s estimation, this energy group may not go deep into the galaxy trap after suffering a big loss. And if it encounters it again in the void of the universe, unless Liu Qian has a very powerful fleet, Liu Qian will It’s still not much of an advantage.
In addition, Liu Qian’s current fleet has not yet developed energy armor, leaving the ships defenseless when attacked by energy groups and can only watch helplessly being destroyed. According to the analysis of the system robot, if Liu Qian’s ship had energy armor, it would have the ability to defend against attacks from ancient energy groups, and it would not be as vulnerable as an eggshell when it encounters attacks from energy groups like before.
/Time passes quickly in various research and production. The stellar particle collid