ter’s destructive power was indeed It’s amazing.

ter’s destructive power was indeed It’s amazing.
There are still some small potholes left on the non-sand ground near the fishing village, filled with water. The treadmill said that these potholes were left by the crab beast’s huge claws when crawling, and they have not yet been filled with water. The rain washed away the water completely.
After returning to the fishing village, except for Liu Qian and Zhang Hua, the other six people looked very nervous and kept looking around, as if they were worried that the crab beast would rush over at some point, and if they were targeted by it , there is no possibility of escape at all, one of the people present will definitely die.
However, this crab beast also has a characteristic, that is, its appetite is not very large, or it may come ashore to eat people just for a fresh taste and a change of taste. If the player does not take the initiative to attack it, as long as it preys on a person and eats that person, it will retreat into the sea water, and it will take half a day, a day, or two days before it comes ashore again.
/So now they can only pray in their hearts that they will not be the first person spotted by the crab beast, and they also hope that Master Liu will not disregard their life and death and force them to attack the crab beast, then they will There is still hope of survival.
After Liu Gan entered the fishing village and observed the traces left by the huge crab beast up close, he felt even more shocking. Some of the damaged houses looked like they had been overwhelmed by the giant object, completely flattened to the ground. . You can feel the tragic situation at that time from the degree of damage to those houses. You can imagine how big and amazing the weight of the crab monster was. It was simply a boulder weighing tens or even hundreds of tons.
Not to mention its attack ability, with such a large weight, it can kill players after jumping up and landing.
“The crab beast is so big. Once it appears, it will definitely shake the world. You should all be prepared in advance, right? How come there are so many casualties?” Liu Gan asked Treadmill and the others.
“When it appears, it really shakes the earth, and it is very eye-catching. It is difficult not to know it. But it is extremely fast. Often when we feel it, it has already appeared in our field of vision. It is absolutely dangerous to be targeted by it. It can’t run away, because it can take more than ten meters with one step and dozens of meters with one jump. No matter how fast we run on two legs, we can’t be faster than it.” Six players mentioned the giant crab monster. They still looked frightened, and they kept looking around, as if the thing would appear and attack them at any time.
/Although these people were very scared, under Liu Gan’s urging, they still had to take Liu Gan to the beach to search around for the whereabouts of the advanced crab beast.
The sea area where the fishing village is located is still very large, with a coastline of at least two or three kilometers. Accordi