ions that have been in place for decades are still in effect. Currently, a total of 120 cutting-edge technologies are included, mainly targeting China.

ions that have been in place for decades are still in effect. Currently, a total of 120 cutting-edge technologies are included, mainly targeting China.
Take the five-axis linkage machine tool as an example. This thing could not be made in China before, but it will be made by a certain Chinese company in the future. Even a very simple version has cut the price of imported five-axis linkage machine tools in half.
If you are fifty years behind others in technology, you can only watch the other party eat meat. If you are ten years behind, you can drink broth.
Wealth and honor do not return to their hometown, just like walking in brocade at night.
The new gold-lettered plaque has been ready a long time ago and needs someone to preside over it. This plaque has been sitting in the warehouse for three years, and it can finally be hung up today.
/A long string of red firecrackers was placed on the stone pavement in front of the palace. After hearing the news of Han Xuan’s arrival, reporters from various countries who were waiting nearby stretched their necks to watch Jason, Owen and others who were taking down the plaque with “Prince Chun’s Palace” written on it. , when he saw Han Xuan walking out the door, he immediately raised his camera and pointed it at him to take pictures.
When the owner of the mansion changes, the house number must also be changed. This is a tradition inherited from the ancestors, otherwise it will not be regarded as one’s own house.
The words “Prince Chun’s Mansion” have been hanging at the door for more than a hundred years, and have become a scenery along the North Shicha Sea. Nothing is more terrifying than time, which can erase all traces left by human beings.
Finally, the Prince Chun’s Mansion disappeared today. As the firecrackers exploded, Han Xuan opened the red cloth covering the plaque with a smile on his face. On it was the word “Han Mansion” written by Mr. Deng himself.
When this plaque was finished, Han Xuan had already left Beijing, and it was not until this time that he hung it up when he came here. This was considered a big deal, and Old Man Zhao did not dare to make the decision without authorization.
Take some time to hang up the plaque. The three words in the lower right corner bring back too many people’s memories. Deng Lao was a soldier all his life, and he has been dead for more than a year in the blink of an eye. The reporters took photos from all angles, and even the people from CCTV They all came here and wanted to ask Han Xuan to do a brief interview.
Han Xuan agreed, and asked Old Man Zhao to help send people to sweep up the firecracker debris, and invited the reporters to sit in.
This time they came in private, without formal official status, and most of the interviews were very casual. “It feels like China has been here in recent years.” Questions such as “Has the change been big?”, “How do you feel about the motherland?”, “Are you used to eating?”
They picked up the answers at random, and if they thought they could gather enough for a report, they