l be unprepared.

l be unprepared.
/Saruman spit out several spells in a row, and blessed himself with several low-level status spells. Then he followed As soon as the rune shield opened, he rushed directly into the library.
Then, the ninth-level magician was stunned, and the expression on his face changed instantly, from dullness to confusion. From confusion to panic, for a moment, Saruman really felt as if he saw a mouse shaking hands with a cat. He almost had a heart attack on the spot.
The two alchemy puppets have fallen to the ground. At this time, the young archmage is stepping on one of the alchemy puppets with one foot, working hard to dismantle the parts
and picking and choosing while doing so. : “Damn, this is too heavy, I can’t take it back.”
“Memelin?” Saruman looked at this strange scene, as if he had seen a ghost. His face was so pale that he couldn’t even speak.
“Ah, what’s wrong?” ” How
did you do it?”
“I turned off their power system.”
Saruman’s blood almost spurted out. I asked, wouldn’t the existence of an alchemist be too unbalanced? Faced with two alchemy puppets, I almost ran out of ideas and couldn’t come up with an idea. In the end I closed my eyes and gathered courage before rushing in, but it was a good thing that I fell into the hands of the alchemist. “Pap” twice. , I turned off their power system!
“Why, why don’t you go and see what you can gain?” Lin Yun wiped the sweat from his forehead and asked Saruman casually.
“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll go take a look first.” After being reminded by Lin Yun, Saruman suddenly came back to his senses. For a moment, he couldn’t care less about how their power system was shut down. , hurriedly ran to the rows of bookshelves and began to pick up the trophies this time.
After reminding Saruman, Lin Yun continued to be busy.
For Lin Yun, these magic books in the library basically don’t have much meaning. Even if there is a real need, they can borrow them from Saruman and copy them in the future.
What is really important is the two alchemy puppets on the ground.
The skeleton made of Rune Magic Iron cannot be taken away.
This is a huge loss. Rune Magic Iron is a very rare magic metal. The output of the entire Kingdom of Andalusia in one year is not enough to make ten alchemy puppets. This is also One of the reasons why spellbreaker model alchemy puppets are so rare is that among the major forces in the Kingdom of Andalusia, those who have spellbreaker model alchemy puppets generally have an exclusive plane that produces rune magic iron.
Fortunately, the power system can be disassembled.
This power system is worth learning from. Lin Yun plans to take it back and let people in the alchemy workshop imitate it to see if it can be used on the mining alchemy puppet.
Several alchemy formations can be dismantled, but the problem is that these alchemy formations are useless to Lin Yun. They are all used to improve spell resistance. As long as there are enough materials, Lin Yun can draw dozens of them anytime and anywhere.
There are only four m