de and slapped the ball of destructive energy hard.

de and slapped the ball of destructive energy hard.
thunder, like a rushing river, sounded continuously. Where the giant flame hand and the ball of destructive energy collided with each other, shock waves spread out like huge smoke rings.
The air between the giant hand and the destructive energy ball was continuously squeezed and exploded, and dense silver-white lightning seemed to appear out of thin air in the void.
The destructive energy ball was like a giant beast that had been provoked. After being resisted, the violent energy inside became riotous and seemed to explode at any time.
The powerful force suppressed the giant hand and kept retreating. Suddenly, in the fire cloud, a giant hand stretched out again. The two giant hands held the ball of destructive energy tightly. The ball of destructive energy began to expand, and it seemed that it was about to explode. When it was opened, it was suppressed by force.
A low roar came from the fire cloud, and the deep sound caused ripples in the air. A monster head with no mouth and only two eyes stretched out from the fire cloud.
/Then the flame giant’s eyes, which were like rolling magma, glanced at the destructive energy ball in front of him. The flames all over his body suddenly surged. The violent flames followed the flame giant’s hands and covered the destructive energy ball, forcing the destructive energy ball to explode. Suppressed.
Everyone watching the battle from a distance showed horrified looks, and a hint of surprise flashed in Lin Yun’s eyes.
All the things taught to the Mage Legion are based on the famous Burning Mage Legion in the future. This is the method for the future Burning Mage Legion to train new legion mages.
The methods are all gradual, but those with poor strength and poor comprehension ability will not be able to comprehend them at all, and if they do not cooperate with each other to a very tacit understanding, the legion mages of a mage legion will be the same as one person. There is no way to exert its power.
The mage army has now begun to summon complete flame giants, so it’s almost time to teach them something else.
This flame giant is not an elemental creature, but a high-intensity condensed flame, which is then fused together by at least dozens of fire spells.
Every part of the flame giant is controlled by a legion mage. In other words, if you want this flame giant to display its combat effectiveness like a real creature, the control of every part must be perfect.
If there is no tacit understanding of each other, the mage who controls part of the arm wants to move to the left, and the other legion mage who controls part of the arm wants to move the arm to the right, the summoned flame giant will be just a living target.
But now it seems that they cooperate with each other very well, and there will be no such unexpected situation at all.
/Enderfa on the side stared at the flame giant emerging from the dome-like fire cloud, with three faces showing expressions that he had seen a ghost.
“Damn, how did