“Are you coming?” Lin Yun opened the Book of Death in his hand again, and a burst of magic was poured into him. Suddenly, the mark of the Ultimate Pyroblast spell dimmed immediately, and only a whistling sound was heard. A huge fireball dragged a long tail flame and shot out with a “boom”.
There was a loud noise . Afterwards, the entire forest seemed to be trembling. Countless beasts were startled by the loud noise. Even the Thousand-Eyed Demonic Vine that was fighting the Blood Vine Technique seemed to freeze for an instant. A dazzling fire shot into the sky, and a blazing The heat wave rushed towards me, and at a glance, I could only see a sea of ??fire within tens of meters.
Amidst the earth-shattering noise, Lin Yun seemed to hear a scream.
The earth, which was shaking slightly, started to shake violently like an earthquake after this scream, followed by a “boom”, and large pieces of earth and gravel were lifted up, revealing a huge But it was precisely because of this that the giant eye
couldn’t wait to attack Lin Yun as soon as it broke out of the ground. Countless thigh-thick black vines, like countless giant pythons, wrapped around Lin Yun with a roaring sound. At
a glance, there were probably hundreds of black vines, shooting out at the same time, just like a dragnet, instantly blocking all Lin Yun’s routes. The thick trees around him were almost lightly wrapped around them. It broke with a “click”, and the ground under its feet was like a soft cake. Thick vines walked effortlessly through it. For a moment, only a dark scene could be seen within a radius of tens of meters.
But Lin Yun was not moved at all. He stared at the giant eye in the distance without stopping. He opened the Book of Death for the third time, and his extreme rocket skills were instantly activated. Only hundreds of people were seen. Thousands of rockets, in an extremely narrow space, were densely intertwined with
the sound of rocket explosions. The sound was dense and dense. It sounded like beans being fried. In the thick green smoke, mixed with With a pungent burning smell, hundreds of thousands of rockets erupted almost at the same time. The dragnet formed by black vines just now was wiped out by this huge number of rockets in an instant.
/However, Lin Yun’s eyes never left the giant eye. Sure enough, just as Lin Yun cleared away countless vines in an instant, a strange light suddenly lit up. Even through the thick green smoke and flying vines, Lin Yun could see Yun Du could feel a dangerous aura,
“Here it comes!”
Between the lightning and flint, Lin Yun only had time to release an ice and fire shield. Then, the huge magic power began to activate the magic energy array, a mysterious character that was difficult to understand. spit it out from Lin Yun’s mouth.
an extremely dazzling light bloomed deep in the forest!
The Thousand-Eyed Demonic Vine really has a thousand eyes.
The moment hundreds of vines turned into charcoal, the huge eyes gathered infinite magic power. In an instant, count