moned devil to be summoned smoothly.

moned devil to be summoned smoothly.
The material of the altar is also made of the bones of various creatures. After grinding, a large amount of them is added. Made of strange materials, there were faint roars and screams inside, and the number of sealed souls and wronged souls was probably a huge number. For
/this kind of altar, the person summoned was not the great devil lord, but definitely the top devil lord
Amy. She knelt in the center of the altar. Her body was like broken porcelain, with a lot of cracks. Blood sprayed out and flowed along the altar. The lines on it permeated the entire altar, and the altar came to life like a living thing, devouring the blood that contained powerful power.
There was a layer of mist around the altar. Lin Yun watched quietly, knowing that there was no way to stop it. This was the characteristic of the soul altar. Although the conditions for making the soul altar were very harsh, as long as he knew it would succeed, after launching it , it is almost impossible to stop it.
All that can be seen is just a projection, or in other words, just a shell. The real soul altar is just the pure soul power at work. Now unless a top-level soul mage personally stops it, no one can do it. Blocked Amy’s summons
Around the altar, the endless screaming ghosts seemed to be attracted by something, screaming and being torn into the soul altar. In mid-air, those screaming ghosts were torn into countless pieces and turned into the purest Soul power is poured into the soul altar.
“Master Xiaon, I leave it to you. ”
Amy had completely turned into a human-like bloody man. Her body quickly dried up, and finally shattered into pieces like a broken porcelain. Her body completely disappeared, leaving only a vague phantom still kneeling there.
“Merlin, we are in big trouble. This madman actually sacrificed his own. Although this kind of bastard soul is not very good, it is probably rare in hell. I believe it will definitely attract people who want to try it. With the powerful devil lord and the sacrifice of so many screaming ghosts as nourishment, we are in big trouble. Where is the old man? Come find him quickly?
If it doesn’t work anymore, just ask the dean of Starry Sky Academy and ask him to bring seventeen or eight top-level experts. What appears this time is the true form of a devil.”
Lin Yun frowned and shook his head.
“It’s too late, there’s nothing we can do to stop it. When the devil’s true form appears, the strong men in the City of Neverwinter will definitely sense it as soon as possible. By then, we won’t have anything to do. Dare we not be far outside the City of Neverwinter? They summoned the true form of a devil, and they caused big trouble.”
The Book of Ten Thousand Curses, the Wheel of Ten Thousand Dharmas, the Book of Death, and the Dragon Staff were all taken out by Lin Yun. The halo flashed, and dense magic patterns appeared on the body, and a colorful rune appeared between the eyebrows. An ancient copper scale appeared under his feet, and
/all the power was released