e giant’s mouth. It was like a big piece of scarlet fat rolling towards the carriage. The shadow of the tongue almost covered Lin Xin’s eyes full of sky.

e giant’s mouth. It was like a big piece of scarlet fat rolling towards the carriage. The shadow of the tongue almost covered Lin Xin’s eyes full of sky.
Holding the red flower sword in his hand, sweat appeared on his forehead.
The huge inhalation sound rolled up the huge air flow like a whirlpool. Lin Xin’s clothes kept flying around.
“Try it first and then talk.”
He circulated his spiritual energy, unfolded his body skills, and suddenly rushed out of the carriage.
After flying outside the carriage, he could see his surroundings clearly.
Surrounded by a huge white room, there was a family of three sitting in it, two fat couples and a little daughter. Enjoying the food on the dining table.
Lin Xinfei came out and saw in mid-air that the carriage was trapped in the steamed buns in the hands of the fat man. At this time, the carriage carriage slowly closed.
Under the urging of the sword, the red flower sword was unsheathed with a clang, and he struck the fat man’s hand holding the bun with his sword.
/The fat white hand was stabbed by the sword tip, and a red blood spot appeared.
Lin Xin quickly flew over and injected spiritual energy into the demon talisman in his hand.
“Ah, fly!” The giant girl’s voice suddenly shook, and what she said was actually a ghost story.
The fat man exclaimed, and suddenly the bun in his hand fell down and hit the wooden dining table. With a fall, the carriage was violently thrown out.
“It’s a bug!”
As the voice came, a big hand quickly swatted towards Lin Xin.
Bang! !
His palms hit the wooden table. Make a loud noise. Dust sputtered.
Lin Xin narrowly avoided the palm strike, but was blown away by the turbulent airflow.
The carriage appeared behind him, and he quickly flew backwards into the carriage.
/boom! !
Suddenly there was a loud bang, the carriage wailed, and tiny cracks appeared everywhere.
But immediately looking out through the crack, one can see that the outside environment quickly changes from a giant room to a colorful channel.
Sitting in the carriage, Lin Xin took a few deep breaths. Although the giant just now didn’t know magic, the power he exerted was as strong as a full-strength strike from a real person at the peak of Jindan.
This time the carriage actually arrived in such a troubled world. It may be a bit difficult to improve your cultivation through killing as before.
The colored passage quickly disappeared, and the carriage returned to the palace where the Two-Face Kingdom was located.
Lin Xin stepped out of the carriage and walked towards Pudusheng in his seat.
“Red flowers!?” Pudusheng was startled when he saw Lin Xin suddenly appeared. “We haven’t seen you for so many years, I thought you were dead!”
“You’re not dead, but if you don’t hurry up, you might be dead soon.”
Lin Xin smiled bitterly, walked to him, stretched out his hand to take a picture, and a seat flew over to sit on it. After getting off, Pudu Sheng clapped his hands, and immediately a maid came forward to bring Lin Xin fragrant tea.
“What h