She held the paper bag tightly in her hand and pressed the hilt of the sword with one hand.

She held the paper bag tightly in her hand and pressed the hilt of the sword with one hand.
“Absolutely not!” Yu Chang affirmed categorically, “I often came here to make clothes when I was a child, and I definitely didn’t lead the wrong way. It was fine just a few years ago.”
“Maybe he contracted the epidemic.” Shu Luoyi looked at it He guessed as he arrived at the white silk hanging beside the clothing store.
At this time, an old beggar in tattered clothes across from the clothing store came over with a smile.
“Hey, hello, you three, if you want to know about this store, I can tell you about it.”
“You’re quite clever.” Shu Luoyi covered her nose in disgust and threw away some odds and ends. Give him the copper coins.
Lin Xin and Yu Chang each gave some large copper coins and threw them into the broken bowl he was holding.
“Hey, thank you, thank you.” The old beggar shook the broken bowl and suddenly smiled.
“Tell me. What’s going on in this clothing store?” Yu Chang couldn’t stand the stench coming from this guy and asked quickly.
“Speaking of Huangji Clothing Store, we have to start with a strange incident that happened a few years ago.” The old beggar looked around mysteriously and said in a low voice.
“What’s weird?” Shu Luoyi frowned.
“That’s it, someone said that the clothes in this clothing store are like people and can move.” The old beggar said in a hoarse and numbing voice.
“Every time in the middle of the night, a set of clothes in the clothing store will move around on its own, as if there is some invisible person walking around freely wearing them.”
“Pretend to be a ghost!” Shu Luoyi said disdainfully.
“This is not a pretense.” The old beggar waved his hand quickly, “Old man, I am telling you the truth. For the sake of these big copper coins, I advise you not to go in.”
“Is there any other news?” Yu Chang asked again quickly.
The old beggar chuckled and lowered his voice even more.
“You guys, be careful.” He pointed to the top of his head, said no more, and quickly turned around and left.
The three of them didn’t understand what he meant. Pointing to the top of their head, maybe it meant the higher authorities, the government, or some other big force?
“Are you still coming in?” Yu Chang looked at Shu Luoyi.
/“Come in!” The latter nodded affirmatively.
Lin Xin followed them without saying a word, and together they turned and walked towards Huang Ji Clothing Store.
After stepping through the door of Huangji Clothing Store, Lin Xin felt a cold air coming towards him.
/The store is densely packed with clothes of all colors. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, wherever there is a gap, there are clothes everywhere you look.
Yellow skirts, white vests, gray and white robes, hats and shawls, hung with hooks and threads, all kinds of clothes can be found here.
“Take off these clothes first.” Shu Luoyi drew out his sword and slashed at the nearest set of clothes.
With a pop, a large puff of white ash suddenly rose up.
The three of them hurriedly exited the store a