a word, his figure turned into black light, and disappeared between the cracks of the black copper door in the blink of an eye.

a word, his figure turned into black light, and disappeared between the cracks of the black copper door in the blink of an eye.
Yin Pengzi was suspended in mid-air, waiting quietly.
The moment he entered the gate, Lin Xin saw a colorful halo and a constantly rotating cylindrical passage in front of him.
There was a person sitting cross-legged inside.
A long-haired man with three eyes.
The man was wearing white clothes on his upper body, and a gorgeous blood-red armor on his lower body, with a black halberd on the side.
“Fellow Taoist, you are well. You came to my Transformation Cave today. I don’t know why.”
Listening to the man’s tone, it was clear that he was the Great Demon Lord of the Transformation Cave.
Lin Xin also mentioned it slightly in his heart.
The other party is also one of the few masters of the Immortal Real Lord in the underworld, who is as good as him, and he is also a veteran Yinji.
So far, the only person he has really fought against is Dao Zun Tianyun.
But this was the first time we met the mysterious Great Demon Lord in front of him.
“It seems that fellow Taoist disciples have been prepared for this. They should also know why our sect is here, right?” Lin Xin said without taking any detours, squinting his eyes directly.
He knew that the Destiny Technique of Transformation Cave was unparalleled in the world, and perhaps he could find some traces of his arrival through this.
The aura on the Great Demon Lord’s body was as deep as the sea, causing the entire passage here to tremble slowly.
He smiled.
“Taoist Master Tianyun, since my fellow Taoist has arrived, why don’t you show up yet?”
In an instant, another white figure appeared behind Lin Xin.
White robe and jade helmet, face cannot be seen clearly.
Astonishingly, it was Taoist Master Tianyun, and I don’t know how long he had been waiting here.
The two of them moved forward, one behind the other, just in time to catch him.
“We are also people who have entered the extreme realm. If my Taoist friends are interested, why don’t you sit down and listen to us tell us the inside story?” The Great Demon Lord said in a low voice with a calm face.
Lin Xin’s expression remained unchanged, but there was a sarcastic look in his eyes.
“Your Excellency, you think that just the two of you want to keep Lin?” Hissed.
/, crackling red lightning appeared on his right arm, and the electric light wrapped around his hand, as if he was wearing a layer of gloves.
Without any nonsense, the entire cylinder suddenly stopped, everything was completely fixed, without any movement.
Only the three of them had a shimmer all over their bodies and were immune to this fixation.
This is the ultimate state.
All laws come to a standstill, a state of extreme speed.
Lin Xin suddenly raised his hand and blocked it in front of him.
A loud bang exploded in front of him.
The Great Demon Lord did not know when he appeared in front of him, and slashed his arm with a long halberd.
/The extremely sh