wonder he kept fighting with Farrow all day long during the Gilded Rose.

wonder he kept fighting with Farrow all day long during the Gilded Rose.
“Cousin, You wait here for now. I will go back to my father and borrow his VIP card to use. I still don’t believe it. I left Auckland for half a year and I couldn’t even enter an auction.”
William Mellin With an angry look on his face, he climbed onto the carriage as he spoke, looking as if he really wanted to go back to get the VIP card.
“Okay, no need to go to such trouble.” Lin Yun smiled, waved, and was about to He called the guard leader over,
but unexpectedly, at this moment, a burst of laughter came from behind.
“Haha, William Merlin, you are really interesting. The auction has already started, and you are still standing here. Why, is the scenery of Julong Street really so beautiful?” A young man in his twenties came from a distance, He has a handsome face, a tall figure, a handsome silver knight’s armor, and a long sheathed sword at his waist decorated with jewels. He seems to be able to deceive a few ignorant girls, but when he opens his mouth to speak, he is more or less a little bit confused. He became sarcastic: “I said, William Merlin, what do you mean by standing here? Could it be that you were stopped by someone and not let in? Hahaha, it seems that you have been in such a miserable state these past few years. , I haven’t seen you for several years, and you still haven’t even gotten a VIP card from the Black Corner Chamber of Commerce. You really embarrass your Merlin family, hahaha.”
The young man laughed at William Merlin and casually handed over a crystal card. guard.
As soon as the guard took the crystal card, he immediately showed a respectful expression, and while bending down to salute, he welcomed the young man in. William Merlin, who already had a dark face, almost lost his lungs when he saw this scene. He was so angry that if Lin Yun hadn’t been holding him by the side, William Merlin would have rushed in and beaten him up.
“Okay, be quiet.” Lin Yun calmed William Merlin casually, and then took out Khadgar from his pocket. He handed the ring to the guard leader and said, “Can I get in with this?”
“Huh?” The guard leader took the ring and was stunned for a moment, then looked shocked and stared at Lin Yun. After looking at it for a long time, he whispered in a respectful voice: “Sir, can you wait a moment? I need to ask the superiors for instructions on this.”
/“Well, okay.”
“Thank you, sir, I’ll be right back.” After that, The guard leader hurried away amid the doubtful looks of his subordinates.
/After walking hundreds of meters, the guard leader’s face was still a little pale, and his heart was pounding, because the ring on his hand was so big that he was not a guard at all. The leader can touch it. In fact, let alone the guard leader who is just responsible for security, even the big shots in the Black Corner Chamber of Commerce, many of them are not qualified to touch this ring.
The reason why he knew something was entirely due to chance and he heard it from others.
Now, he must report