he door of the cave, with a calm expression and his eyes slightly closed, as if he didn’t even hear the princess twisting and screaming.

he door of the cave, with a calm expression and his eyes slightly closed, as if he didn’t even hear the princess twisting and screaming.
“Let me go! Did you hear me! You monster! A thief! If you are caught by my royal brother, you will implicate the nine tribes!!”
Princess Huaiyang was hit in the chest by a stone, and she felt suffocated. She couldn’t say anything and could only hum.
“For the sake of your affinity with Pindao, I will spare you this time.”
Lin Xin said calmly.
“This Taoist Priest”
the silver-armored young man wanted to step forward to help the princess, but he was a little timid and didn’t know what to do.
“What’s the matter?”
Lin Xin turned to look at him.
“I wonder what your intention is in bringing the four of us here?” The young general has been on the battlefield after all. He is more courageous and calmer than the others. When he spoke now, he immediately asked the point.
The other two children could not even speak smoothly, let alone think clearly.
Lin Xin glanced at Princess Huaiyang rolling on the ground.
It seemed that only the young man in front of him could still communicate.
“Pindao wanted to establish a sect in this mountain. I saw that you and the other four people had good qualifications on the way, so I brought them back.” Lin Xin is quite free to do as he pleases. What he wants is to be inclusive, righteous, evil, and demonic, and all talents. Geniuses all know his reputation. Everyone knows what he is capable of.
This is what he said he wanted.
/Therefore, the purely righteous way is not suitable for him, and the purely evil way is not suitable either.
/He just did it as he pleased.
The qualifications of these four people are indeed very good, and their spiritual pulse level is also at the third level, which is extremely rare compared to this world.
He happened to see it and grabbed it.
“So, you want us to worship you as our teacher?”
Princess Huaiyang stopped on the ground, a little stunned.
“Not bad.”
Lin Xin nodded calmly.
Several people’s hearts moved.
This man is weird and weird, but he can kidnap people from the capital and escape unscathed. This strength is truly unmatched by anyone. I’m afraid he is at least a first-class master.
Others are not very clear about this level, but the young man in silver armor is indeed aware of it. Not only did he lose the anger of being kidnapped, but he suddenly felt that this seemed to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
A first-level master.
If there is really a first-level master, there are only a few great masters like this in the entire capital, and countless people are eager to become his disciples.
If the other party is really a master-level expert, then they will benefit from this apprenticeship.
How many first-level masters are there in the entire world? Never more than two hands!
“Can we not worship?” the youngest daughter of the Minister of Civil Affairs asked timidly.
“It is fate. If you don’t worship, you are going against heaven. It is hard to