“My Yuan Fei cannot be born now. It should be because I lack the enlightenment of Yangquan and need a trace of Yang Qi to reconcile. When I return to Nanfu, I can find a Yangquan at random and quickly give birth to Yuan Ying.”
He himself is also looking forward to it very much . What does the conceived Nascent Soul look like?
You must know that the appearance of this Nascent Soul may not actually match the physical appearance. The appearance comes from the heart, which is the appearance of the Yuan Ying Yuan Fei.
After putting away the demonic energy, the sky in the distance gradually turned white, and the sun showed its outline and gave off red light.
Putting away the Yuanjing armor, Lin Xin looked in the direction of the ruins.
“Just in time, it’s time to end this matter completely and take away what belongs to me.”
/His original purpose was to come and take away the treasure Hongye gave him that could increase his physical fitness and suppress the sequelae of the Lord’s Mark.
It’s just that I didn’t expect to encounter so many strong men trying to snatch it at the same time, which is why it was delayed until this point.
At this time, he broke through the Yuanjing and greatly improved his skills. Although he did not bear the Yuan Fei, and his use of demonic energy and Yuanjing was not strong enough, he did not mainly rely on the demonic energy and Yuanjing. As long as he could offset the other Yuan Jing Soul Domain is equivalent to improving most of his strength.
Compared to before the breakthrough, his strength at this time was more than twice as strong!
Reach out and make a move. Only a few thousand of the remaining swarm of more than 10,000 insects were separated and spread out in all directions.
Lin Xin stepped forward lightly, stepped forward into the void, and disappeared in place like lightning.
“Guard the empty ship, I’ll be back soon.”
The remaining voice echoed in the air.
Inmanto’s figure slowly arched out from the ground on the side of the empty ship, and the other three also showed their figures from the surrounding hiding places, nodding slightly to express understanding.
Temple of evil.
The huge body of the Yawei Magic Book was fighting desperately with a white centipede that was over a hundred meters tall.
There were also some smaller white centipedes crawling crazily towards the Evil Temple from the side, but they were constantly repelled by the masked masters of the enslaved Ha clan.
Two groups of red clouds collided crazily in the sky. On one group stood a masked strong man who enslaved the Ha tribe, while on the other group stood a large number of white-clothed centipede-headed humanoids.
“Hand over the Evil God Soldier! Hee hee hee! You cannot enslave the Ha clan to swallow this treasure!”
The giant white centipede opened its mouth and spat out white acid, forced its teeth back and cried out the magic book, and roared strangely.
“Everyone thinks that I enslave the Ha tribe and are easy to bully.”
A golden masked man said calmly, standi