same wave, the same breath!!”

same wave, the same breath!!”
“I don’t know.” Du Qijun shook his head slightly, staring closely at the green-robed figure below, There was a hint of coldness at the corner of his mouth.
“Two pieces of the token were snatched away by that person. He is still from Bihu Mountain, which is interesting.”
Lin Yaoyang’s vision blurred.
When she was at her most desperate, she saw the purest light in the world.
The same familiar light, familiar breath, familiar fluctuations. It’s just that the temperature is much stronger than the purifying power in her body.
The white flames scorched the walls and melted the ground. The sculptures on both sides of the hall quickly collapsed and were submerged in the white flames, completely melting as if they had never existed.
“So strong!!”
The scorching hot temperature instantly raised the temperature of the air to a level that would make even a mortal feel pain just by breathing.
“This is also the power of purification?!”
Lin Yaoyang never thought that the power of purification could be so domineering.
Compared with this power, her previous purification power was like a little milk baby that had not grown up. The gap was huge.
ah! !
A monk from the Four Seas Immortal Mountain on the right was screaming and being wrapped and burned. In just a few breaths, the human-shaped flame he formed quickly shrank and then disappeared completely.
The man and all his belongings were burned.
Lin Yaoyang’s eyes were blurred, and he tried hard to look at the pure white scene in front of him.
“I’ve seen it all.”
Lin Xin stood in front of her and said softly.
“Brother?” Lin Yaoyang was still in a dazed state.
She looked at Lin Xin, then looked at the terrifying scene of burning apocalypse around her, still a little unbelievable.
“Tell me, am I dreaming? I can see you in this damn place. Didn’t you go to Bihu Mountain?”
Lin Xin reached out and gently rubbed her cheek.
“You’re not dreaming.”
“But, obviously, how is it possible that the power of purification is so weak? How is it possible?” Lin Yaoyang did not finish his words. But he choked up a little.
She bit her lip, remembering the scenes in which she had been practicing the light of purification these days.
Thinking of the way forward that I almost despaired of.
Suddenly, my vision blurred and tears flowed out uncontrollably.
Then he raised his head and stared at Dong Shengping like a hawk with a gloomy gaze filled with murderous intent.
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Lin Xin gently held her in his arms and comforted her.
After carefully examining Sister Chou’s injuries, he asked for a wound medicine from Feng Huai and fed it to Sister Chou.
Dragon Talisman Golden Light and Purifying White Flame.
/Gold and white directly divide the central hall into two worlds.
Except for the two immortals with four ears, all the people in the Four Seas Immortal Mountain were burnt to the point of being burned to the point of being vaporized by the purifying flames.
Lin Yaoyang was weakly helped up by the monks fr