intain a relationship. Just always believe.

intain a relationship. Just always believe.
“You have to believe him.” Wan Ling shook her daughter’s hand.
“Tsk tsk tsk… Is it worth it to be so determined?” Zhu Chen sighed, “I haven’t seen such a beautiful person in a long time… I really can’t make a move.”
“The person named Wei doesn’t dare to do anything. Come on, you are just going to die. Give up…kneel down and surrender, and you can still survive.” Xu Fei shouted from the side.
“Who says I don’t dare to come?”
Suddenly a voice shook the whole place, bringing out waves of echoes.
All the Wanqing disciples showed surprise in their eyes, and raised their heads to look above where the sound was hovering.
In an instant, a figure, like a crescent moon, suddenly drew a semi-circular arc, flashed over the crowd, and landed gently on the top of a wooden building like a giant eagle.
The figure was so fast that even Zhu Chen had a strange look in his eyes.
The figure settled down and raised his head to reveal his face. It was Wei He who had just rushed back from a distance.
Wei He’s eyes met Zhu Chen’s.
“Zhu Chen. Do you dare to fight?”
Zhu Chen was slightly surprised, then chuckled.
“I didn’t expect you to come… However, I have a sure chance of victory. With just one order, I can make everyone in your Ten Thousand Poison Sect’s head roll. Why do I still have to fight with you?” ”
Master Zhu, have you ever heard that I, Mr. Wei? The best way is not martial arts, but poison.”
Wei He looked calm, looking down, and stretched out his right palm.
He held four green beads between his fingers.
“Tell me, is your knife faster or my poison?”
Zhu Chen stared at the other person, and the smile on his face gradually faded.
The sound of torches exploding and burning continued to form in the surrounding area.
Wan Qingqing clenched her hands and looked at Wei He standing on the roof. She had never been in such a complicated mood before.
Happy, worried, scared, wanting him to leave quickly. Heavy emotions were stirring in her mind.
But no matter what, facing Zhu Chen’s fear, the moment Wei He appeared, he was completely blocked behind him.
Yes, no one is not afraid of death, and Wan Qingqing is the same.
/Unlike others, she just suppressed this fear deep in her heart.
But at this time, seeing Wei He reappearing here, the fear in her heart had disappeared without knowing when.
“Wei He!!” Wan Qingqing stepped forward suddenly and shouted loudly. “You shouldn’t come back!!”
The figure on the roof looked at her from a distance.
Wei He’s eyes were calm and he just smiled at her.
In an instant, he jumped up, turned into a black shadow, and flew towards the treetops not far away.
Zhu Chen’s eyes condensed, he jumped forward, and actually rushed towards Wanling Wanqingqing.
/In the eyes of a strong person like him, a distance of tens of meters is only a matter of one second.
Only his steps moved.
Bang bang bang bang! ! !
In an instant, large amounts of gray-white dust exploded in the high branches of the surrounding trees.