your grandpa.”

your grandpa.”
Lin Xin said calmly.
The girl’s eyes suddenly lit up.
/“But.” Lin Xin changed the topic, “Why should I save your grandfather?”
The girl was stunned.
“What conditions do you want!?” She gritted her teeth.
“Conditions?” Lin Xin narrowed his eyes, “I saved you, but you still owe me a life. What qualifications do you have to negotiate terms with me? Come on, stop talking nonsense and tell me the situation here in detail. “Where is this place, who is the Two-Horned Man, and where did he come from?”
He was a little impatient.
“This is the Scorched Earth Kingdom. The Scorched Earth Kingdom was originally ruled by our Scorched Earth people, but in recent decades, a group of two-horned people suddenly emerged from nowhere. They defeated the Scorched Earth Army, including all the master monks. Practitioners, from now on all the people in the country will become inferiors overnight.”
The girl explained the situation in this area as fast as she could.
“What do you have to do to save my grandpa?”
She stared at Lin Xindao.
/“You pay me back the life you owe me first, and then I’ll consider this.” Lin Xin said calmly.
“You!!” The girl suddenly cried out in anger. “Why are you so unsympathetic!? Grandpa, grandpa, he is so old. How can you ignore death?!”
Another eldest lady who was spoiled by her family, but now she is at a loss when encountering difficulties. .
When Lin Xin saw her, he thought of Qiao Yu when he saw her for the first time. Wasn’t she just like the woman in front of her at that time?
“In other words, all the hornless people here are inferior people?” Lin Xin suddenly felt a little incredible after hearing the situation here.
The cultivators control the wind and rain in the outside world and are extremely powerful. No one in the universe can defeat them except the Lord of the Heavenly Demon Army.
What kind of two-horned people are here, suppressing them with inexplicable strange power, and reducing them to an inferior race?
“Yes! Not only the hornless people, but also any monks who do not practice dragon energy are inferior beings and heretics here.” The girl said helplessly. “I’ve said everything I need to say, can you save my grandpa now?”
Lin Xin shook his head slightly. He had already felt the so-called dragon energy. The one who led the team with two horns before, The sword energy that slashed at him was driven by this dragon energy.
Strong means very strong, and its power is three times that of the same level of real energy. No wonder it can easily restrain opponents of the same level.
The only difference is that this kind of dragon energy is not obtained by one’s own practice at all, but seems to be a terrifying power obtained by cultivating an energy creature in the body, using the creature to form a contract with itself, growing together and becoming stronger together.
“In other words, this so-called dragon energy is based on pure physical symbiosis.” Lin Xin analyzed clearly in his mind and had an idea in his mind.
“So, have you ever h