hed across his face.

hed across his face.
Stretch out your left hand and flick it.
A sharp pointed wind shot out like a sharp white arrow. In an instant, the grass in front of Lin Xin was distorted by the space caused by the wind, and a long ravine was drawn out.
The ravine was more than half a meter deep, with dirt and grass clippings flying everywhere, and it stretched for hundreds of meters.
This is already the result of Lin Xin’s extreme compression of retention power.
He only used an extremely weak amount of power, not even as hard as blowing a breath. He just slightly unsealed the power fluctuations in his body, and the leaked breath erupted from his fingertips, causing had such a result.
“The space is fifteen times weaker than the human world, and the vitality of heaven and earth is nearly thirty times weaker. The physical body is not restricted, and it seems to be within the scope allowed by Youfu.”
After initially measuring the environment here, Lin Xin walked towards the distance. .
At this time, his spiritual mind has captured a place with living creatures.
The white calamity energy is in the void.
The extremely huge balls of red meat were like huge floating balloons. The whole body was pulsing and swallowing something, making a hissing sound.
Each ball of red meat has a volume of hundreds of miles in radius.
In the largest mass of meat at the front, in the blood-red cavity in the middle, were two strange humanoid creatures standing.
One is a white-haired old man carrying a black turtle shell and having dark red joints on his limbs.
The other person looks like a young woman, but if you look closely at her skin color, you can see that this woman’s whole body is made of clay, exactly like those fired clay dolls. Even the facial features look like they were painted with a brush.
These two people were Tao Ren Shangqiu and Demonic Insect Black Turtle. They were the two top evil god kings who emerged from the seal at the same time.
“The Netherworld Underworld City is currently empty. With the King of Deceit lurking and cooperating, we should be able to solve the problem as quickly as possible.”
“Huanyu Tianzun and other miscellaneous people are more troublesome. Should you go up or me?” Tao Ren Shangqiu’s voice sounded like a minor. It’s like a little girl, crisp and sweet, but combined with its weird figure, it gives people a weird and inexplicable feeling.
/“Of course it’s you, I don’t have that many people to deal with Huanyu.” The demon insect Black Turtle said with a sharp smile.
“If it’s exposed, I’ll attract attention first and you can take the opportunity to go in. If it’s not exposed, let’s work together. The tribulation energy can help us block all interrogations.” Tao Ren Shangqiu said calmly.
“It’s all up to you.”
The two of them stopped talking and waited quietly for the huge meatball to fly towards the Netherworld.
Not long after, the lump of fleshy God King seemed to feel something, and slowly stopped thousands of miles away from the Nether World.
The potter Shangqiu