it to you. You might not even notice it if you go directly and come back.”

it to you. You might not even notice it if you go directly and come back.”
Xiao Lingling smiled, but she looked a little tired.
A servant brought a charcoal stove to dry her hands. She took off her gloves and rubbed her hands gently. She felt that the air was unusually dry.
“Master, there is an urgent report.”
Just as Lin Xin sat down next to her, someone came up to report. Lin Xin took the envelope handed over by the servant, opened it gently and glanced at it.
“I’ll be back as soon as I go. You can rest here.” He pinched Xiao Lingling’s cheek gently.
“Yes.” Xiao Lingling nodded obediently.
Lin Xin tightened her white fox fur collar, stood up and left.
Xiao Lingling watched him walk out of the pavilion, and then said something to the servant as he walked. As he walked farther and farther along the small curve on the lake, she felt a little tired. She didn’t know why, but her health seemed to be getting worse recently. It’s getting worse.
Slowly leaning against the wooden pillar of the pavilion, she slowly fell asleep without realizing it.
I don’t know how long it took, but she slowly opened her eyes.
The snow was getting heavier
. She stood up, and for some reason, the guards and maids who were originally guarding her were all gone.
“Here comes someone.” She was a little scared and called softly.
No one responded.
“Huh?” Then she suddenly realized that her pavilion was in the middle of a sea of ??scarlet flowers, with no shadow of lake water around it.
“This is it.” She looked a little confused, but for some reason, she didn’t feel scared.
/Walking out of the pavilion, she slowly looked around.
The snow was flying heavily, and pieces as big as goose feathers slipped from her side, fell to the ground, and fell into the sea of ??flowers, but disappeared.
Walking into the sea of ????flowers, the surrounding red flowers are each as big as a fist, blooming dazzlingly and extremely delicately.
She stretched out her hand to catch the snowflakes. The snowflakes fell on her palm, but they didn’t feel cold.
“Is anyone there?”
she called loudly.
The sea of ??flowers seemed endless. She looked behind her, but was shocked to see that the previous pavilion had also disappeared.
A person stands in the middle of the sea of ??flowers, as if he is helpless and has no edge to dock the boat.
“Is there anyone there?”
She moved forward slowly, calling all the way.
She didn’t know how long she had been walking, but she finally saw a small pavilion in front of her. There was a table inside the pavilion, which was the desk she used to practice calligraphy.
She walked closer and saw the four treasures of the study placed on the desk, among which the inkstone had been ground with ink.
Stepping forward, she picked up the brush and dipped it into the ink.
The ink flew strangely, flew out of the inkstone, and turned into a wisp of black smoke, like a rope, surrounding her in a circle, and finally condensed gently into an ink butterfly, which landed on her outstretched finger.