ding monks are invincible, so just his physical body is a A good magic weapon material.

ding monks are invincible, so just his physical body is a A good magic weapon material.
“This demon king can be refined into materials and blended into gold artifacts. It will definitely bring a trace of the golden energy of the tiger evil spirit, doubling the power of the magical artifact. Just like my turtle and snake ring, I have also integrated two monsters. Only when the spirit is in a stalemate can the turtle and snake spirit be activated to increase the power without consuming spiritual energy. You just need to pay attention to supplements,” suggested Baoying Zhenren.
“This is a good idea.” Lin Xin decisively adopted the suggestion.
Later, during the cleaning time of the villa, he also started disposing of the corpses.
Invite real people to watch, and take the opportunity to show off your array methods while refining and melting the body of the White Tiger Demon King.
Melt the demon king’s true body into a yellow-white ball, about the size of a football, then set up a spirit gathering array, nourish it with a thick earth array, and store it in the armory for maintenance.
“This white tiger’s golden energy can nourish the arsenal, so that all the weapons inside you will gradually have a hint of tiger evil. Although it is very weak, it is still stronger than other ordinary high-level weapons.” Lin Xin explained. road. “In addition, the demon king has a strong resentment, which can be used to further strengthen the weapon.”
“The White Tiger Golden Evil Formation, the village owner is smart, this can actually turn the harm of the demon king into a benefit.” Master Baoying said with a slight cold sweat. road. Even if he is dead, he will not let go of its value.
After some aftermath, a few days later,
Lin Xingao sat in the main seat, with the real person holding the baby next to him. Lin Xinyuan and others’ seats were pushed back together.
/Others are enshrined in villas with the meaning of depression. Several of the innate worshipers looked ugly, and two of them were missing, apparently because they died in the fight.
“I have ordered people to take care of the funeral affairs of the two kings of Wu. Alas” Lin Xin felt a little sad when he thought that all the hard work he had saved up for so long was suddenly ruined by this group of casual cultivators.
The death of the two innate worshipers made the villa even worse. He was already severely weakened by the revenue collection from his superiors, but this attack made the villa’s tight finances suddenly become even more impoverished.
“Master, this is just a temporary difficulty. Our villa has a lot of fields and minerals. I believe we will be able to recover soon.” Lin Xinyuan said sternly. She also had a wound on her body, but it was on her back and could not be seen clearly with a bandage.
“Now people are in panic, and many good players have been lost. I am afraid that our villa will not be able to deploy much power to suppress the minerals in various places for a while.” Huang Puyang said with a pale face. He was hit by a sword in the ches