d swaying slightly in the wind.

d swaying slightly in the wind.
Bao Fei’s expression changed and he turned back again.
The old man appeared in front of her like lightning, and struck down with a palm from the front like a mountain bearing down on her.
His palm is not big, but it seems to give people the illusion of being wide and huge, covering several possible angles from which he can avoid. Let Bao Bao fly away and avoid it.
Bao Luofei also tried his best, and the aura on his body emerged, surrounding her and turning into a dragon-shaped white energy, and slashed towards the opponent’s front along the machete.
The machete turned into a white dragon-like shadow and met the palm fiercely.
Bang bang!
A circle of breath splashed and broke, turning into ripples and slowly dissipating.
There was a crisp sound when it was pulled apart.
The old man didn’t know when a small storage bag appeared in his hand. With a smile on his face, he looked inside, and his expression suddenly became extremely ugly.
“Where’s the herring lantern?!”
“You think I will tell you?” Bao Luofei sneered, and a clear blood-red palm print appeared on her neck. “Today’s revenge will be repaid!”
He shouted.
A huge blood-colored vertical pupil over one meter high slowly appeared above the two people’s heads, which was extremely conspicuous in the darkness of wind and snow.
It was a blood beast attracted by the fluctuations of spiritual energy.
A white light shone on Bao Luofei’s body, and his whole body suddenly disappeared, turning into a white line, rising into the sky, and flying into the distance.
“Use the light-escape talisman here to seek death!”
Ancestor Tianqing cursed, but he did not dare to seek death like the other party. He flew down and pressed down. The owner of the blood-colored vertical pupils let out a low roar, shaking the surrounding ground with snow. The area was cleared all at once, and then the sound quickly disappeared, apparently chasing Bao Luo.
Ancestor Tianqing fell to the ground, his expression changed, and he quickly recalled the places where herring lanterns might be hidden along the way.
/“You think there’s nothing I can do about it?” He sneered, took out a purple cherry-like fruit from his storage bag, lightly crushed it and smeared it on Bao Luofei’s storage bag.
“With this bag containing the herring lantern, as long as the aura hasn’t disappeared, sooner or later I can forcefully activate it somewhere!”
After closing his eyes for a moment, he suddenly opened his eyes.
A gust of wind and snow blew by, and he disappeared directly from where he was.
The convoy moved forward slowly, carrying a huge transparent shield, like a giant tortoise carrying a tortoise shell, moving slowly.
However, some tiny insects and snakes passing by were unable to notice the progress of the convoy.
/The shield seemed to completely hide the convoy. There was no movement and the smell came out.
Ma Yuan’s heart was tense all the way.
He is most aware of the power of his shield. Its biggest advantage is that i