the corner of the temple, three strange clouds of dust were appearing and disappearing.

the corner of the temple, three strange clouds of dust were appearing and disappearing.
“Fa Tian Middle Grade? Just in time, I still have a few stepping stones.”
/Zhou Jijun sneered, without saying much, he stepped forward, waved his sleeves and involved the two powerful men of Fa Tian Middle Grade into the battle circle. In the middle, he held Zhan Tianxiao’s Taoist intention in each hand and bombarded the two of them.
“Little lady, your husband is having a great time fighting, so we don’t need to pay attention to him.”
After more than a hundred moves, Zhou Jijun was like a leaf falling in the wind. Although he was not defeated, he was completely at a disadvantage. The young man carried the birdcage, swallowed his saliva, and strolled towards Princess Bihua.
“Aren’t you afraid of death?”
/Princess Bihua’s eyes always fell on Zhou Jijun, her eyebrows furrowed, but she didn’t show the slightest hint of panic. Seeing the young man walking toward her with ill intentions, Princess Bihua smiled softly and asked softly.
That charming smile fell into his eyes, and the young man felt as if he had been electrocuted, and his whole body was numb. He took a deep breath, stopped being pretentious, strode forward, and wanted to take the lovely girl in front of him into his arms and play with her wantonly. Just when his hand was still one foot away from Princess Bihua, three white shadows jumped out from behind. The terrifying-looking snake man roared angrily and used each of their combat skills to attack the young man secretly. The Snake People of the Three Paths regard Zhou Jijun as their Taoist Master and practice the Three Paths. Their strength also increases with the advancement of Zhou Jijun, but they are always one big difference away from each other. Although the young man had a middle-grade Tongtian cultivation, three low-grade Tongtian sneak attacks came and caught him off guard. He was hit hard and flew out, and the birdcage he was holding fell to the side.
A sudden change occurred, and the two powerful men of the middle level of Fa Tian were filled with horror. They stopped holding back and shouted loudly, and the power of Fa Tian was instantly generated. Originally, they looked down on Zhou Jijun when they saw that Zhou Jijun only had the cultivation level of Fa Tianxia. They just wanted to play with him slowly, and let him play with the young master and let him enjoy the wrath of this little lady husband while playing with the beautiful woman. Unexpectedly, although this man in white clothes and silver hair was at a disadvantage, he fought harder and harder. He counterattacked several times. Although the power of his strange combat skills was small, it made them feel helpless and uncomfortable. In his irritated mood, he didn’t realize that he had a backup plan. Three monsters came out of the air and injured his son.
With a cold light flashing in his eyes, Zhou Jijun also had the power of Fa Tian. The Fa Tian masters the laws of heaven and earth. The three power of Fa Tian collided together. This small