and circulates throughout the city of Chang’an.

and circulates throughout the city of Chang’an.
The heavy rain continued, and countless strong men from all sides who were fighting raised their eyes to look at Zhou Jijun with slightly frightened expressions.
“Fa Tian slays Xuantian. This should be the first over-level challenge in this round of the war between heaven and earth.”
In the Great Zhou Iron Cavalry to the west, the enchanting woman sitting in command looked at the man standing on the clouds looking around with interest. The corners of his mouth raised slightly.
“Sure enough, heroes emerge from troubled times, Lord Tianji, who is this person?”
A young man with a feather fan and turban walked out from behind the woman. He smiled faintly, counted with his fingers, and said after a while.
“Replying to your Majesty, this man’s name is Mr. Jun. He is at the top of the list of young men, so he can fight against the masses. He once fought alone in the Donghai Sect, and now he fights alone in Chang’an City… I believe this person is It’s very difficult to recruit.”
/“You, Lord Tianji, always know my thoughts so accurately.”
Empress Gouchen chuckled, stretched out her jade hand and touched Lord Tianji’s face, looking at Tang. In the direction of the palace, he was slightly startled.
“Why, this person has something to do with that ventilation.”
On the top of the Tang Dynasty Palace, a man in black robe held an incense burner in his hand and looked at Zhou Jijun from a distance. Next to him, Pingtian Junsheng, who looked majestic, had a playful look on his face.
“Tongfeng, three of the eight legendary guests of the Tang Dynasty have died.”
“So this son must be eliminated. Given time, when he fully understands the meaning of reincarnation, it will be countless times more difficult to kill him than it is today.”
Mr. Tongfeng Sheng said coldly, dark clouds rose from the soles of his feet and lifted him into the sky. Lord Pingtian frowned and also attracted a cloud to fly to the sky. Thousands of feet away in front of them was Zhou Jijun standing with a sword.
/In the splendid Chang’an City and the majestic Tang Palace, the young master in white stood alone, staring at the two aloof emperors and saints, his arms trembling slightly. Once upon a time, characters like Pingtian only existed in book legends. At that time, Zhou Jijun fought in the seven states and narrowly escaped death. Although he longed for the myths and legends of the four major continents, he never thought that he would actually hold a sword to fight against them. This day of Junsheng, or in other words, this day came too early, Zhou Jijun had arrived before he was ready. The overwhelming aura forced him to attack. Even though he was thousands of feet away, Zhou Jijun’s legs could not stop trembling. His heart was filled with fear and he could hardly breathe. Fa Tian is like a small insect to Xuantian, so what is the difference between Fa Tian and the monarch and the sage, and the earthworm shaking the mountains.
The rain poured down continuously.
Although the smell of