Don’t.” Wei Heng’s pride as a man made him hold his girlfriend’s hand.

Don’t.” Wei Heng’s pride as a man made him hold his girlfriend’s hand.
“I will find a way. Don’t worry.”
In fact, as a graduate of an elite school, you can definitely find a job, but the key is what kind of job you are looking for.
Looking at Maris who was becoming more and more beautiful, Wei Heng gritted his teeth and decided to go back to have a chat with his father and listen to his advice.
Really taking advice, he doesn’t plan to rely on family connections. His parents are his parents, and he is him. Now that he has grown up, it is time for him to shoulder his own responsibilities alone.
It’s just that Maris spends tens of thousands on maintenance every month.
He simply couldn’t afford it with an ordinary job.
If he doesn’t work hard, maybe he and Marys really won’t have a future in the future.
“It’s okay… Ah Heng…” Marys gently held his hand. “I can live a life that an ordinary girl can live without spending so much…”
Wei Heng sighed and just held Maris’ hand tightly with his backhand.
In fact, compared to his family background, Maris was born in an Ascended family, and Wei Heng felt somewhat inferior.
If it were in other galaxies, his origin would undoubtedly be the top second generation. But here, in the Ulan Galaxy. The core of this Pensa empire.
His origins are really ordinary. The father splits and the mother illuminates.
In addition, their family had not moved to Huanshi Planet for a long time, so they could only be called New Huanshi people.
This group is even more looked down upon by local Huanshi residents.
After all, those who can stay and settle here are almost all the top people in the entire empire.
Among Wei Heng’s classmates in school alone, seven out of ten come from families with ascendants.
The monitor even came from an immortal family.
That is to say, there is a living immortal psyker boss in the family.
At this level, Wei Heng’s background becomes quite ordinary.
Since you can’t compete with your family, then compete with your personal abilities. Wei Heng thought so, and then he was hit again.
His talent is very good, but it has been neglected for too long. Which of the other students has not been trained with the best resources since childhood?
He is now at the limit of the storm, and is still one step away from the light, but this step requires crossing three levels.
He can omit the genetic adjustment. There is no other way to accumulate ten times the spiritual power the second time, so he can only do it slowly.
The third potion blend also has a success rate.
“Tonight…go to my house…my parents are not here.” In a depressed mood, Wei Heng suddenly said softly.
Maryse blushed.
She and Wei Heng had slept together a year ago, but not very frequently.
“Hmm…” She nodded slightly and looked away.
/late at night.
Wei family manor.
The first floor of a calm white building.
The automatic door of Wei Heng’s bedroom opened slowly and silently.
A slim figure quietly walked out of the door, looked back at Wei Heng who w