Xuanmiao Sect… It’s a pity… If I give you another hundred years, maybe you can stop me, but now…”

Xuanmiao Sect… It’s a pity… If I give you another hundred years, maybe you can stop me, but now…”
“You are still too young!!”
A sharp voice said Drink.
The Thousand-Faced Demon finally took it upon himself to show his true intentions.
“Dharmakaya·Mirror Demon!!”
There was a loud explosion, and countless gray and black forces exploded around him with him as the center, forming a haze of smoke and mist.
In the mist, a silver shadow flashed out and rushed straight towards Cai Menghuan.
“In that case, I won’t let you stay today!!”
Only then did Cai Menghuan see clearly what the phantom that rushed out was.
It was a humanoid, strange creature covered in silver mirror armor.
It is four meters tall, has a slender body, and its head is a polygonal irregular mirror crystal.
The skin all over the body is a mirror, reflecting the colors of all the surrounding scenery.
“Kill!!” Cai Menghuan knew that this was the master’s dharma body and did not dare to neglect. He waved the copper flute and struck at full speed, fighting the opponent like lightning.
Just after receiving the first blow, he felt an unparalleled terrifying force that instantly overwhelmed his true strength on the bronze flute.
This force was like a black snake, winding and sprinting all the way, crossing the copper flute, passing through the veins of his arms, and rushing towards his heart with precision.
At this time, the Thousand-Faced Demon Lord also attacked with all his strength. He must muster his remaining strength to instantly kill Cai Menghuan in front of him.
He is very experienced in dealing with such geniuses and must not allow the opponent time to buffer and adapt.
Otherwise, there are likely to be all kinds of messy variables in the future.
/So when he takes action, he goes all out.
The ability of the dharma body mirror demon is not very powerful among the masters, but it is the strongest when used to torture vegetables.
/Because the core ability of the mirror demon is to copy the opponent’s moves, secret skills, and powerful special effects.
At this time, what he copied was the effect of Cai Menghuan’s secret technique and… the dragon transformation state.
Although it is only a temporary imitation, the energy effect produced by his master’s technique is much stronger than the real energy effect.
Grandmaster has another title, and that is the Qi Control Realm.
The overall increase after transforming into a dragon made his shooting speed and power surge significantly.
“It’s over.” The Thousand Faced Demon King’s right hand has now turned into a silver spike shape, which is a special transformation of the Dharmakaya.
In an instant, a bloody arrow exploded from Cai Menghuan’s body, accurately squeezing out the energy that hit his heart and shooting it into the distance.
“Secret Technique·Dong Xuan Yan Zhen!”
Cai Menghuan used this secret technique again, but it was different from before. This time he used it within his own body, and he still used it in the dragon transformation state to for