oment, the loud noise of Bukong Hall came from the entrance of the palace.

oment, the loud noise of Bukong Hall came from the entrance of the palace.
“Taoist Lu Ya, Master Zhen Yuanzi is here.”
“These two old men really like to join in the fun.”
Yue Luosha sneered when he emerged from nowhere, then narrowed his eyes and transformed a bamboo leaf to tease it. Yun Sheng is born. For some reason, Yun Sheng started crying when he saw people, even Zhou Jijun and Bihua. However, Yue Rakshasa would always stop crying and laugh, but this made the second master of Tengo Mountain Yue extremely proud.
“Thank you for your hard work, you two came all the way.”
Although there was an unpleasant commotion in Jilei Mountain, Zhou Jijun, Lu Ya, and Zhen Yuanzi were still nominal allies, and today was an auspicious day, so Zhou Jijun was naturally polite and smiling. Welcome the two people into the palace.
“Young Master Jun, please don’t be polite. There is a Longevity Mountain in Zhenyuan. I brought ten ginseng fruits as a gift this time. I am all alone, so I had to borrow flowers to offer to the Buddha.”
As he said this, Lu Ya took out two small items from the cloth pocket on his waist. The clothes were handed to Zhou Jijun.
“This is the magic weapon that the Taoist got from the reincarnation of the gods that year. One is called the Bagua Immortal Clothes, and the other is called the Zishou Immortal Clothes. Both of them have wonderful functions. They should be regarded as congratulatory gifts to Master Ling’s daughter from the Taoist.”
” The Taoist is very interested.”
Zhou Jijun bowed his hands and thanked him. The star master of his own disciple accepted the gift and led Lu Ya and Zhen Yuanzi to sit down at the table.
“The Jade Emperor has arrived.”
/Another burst of noise came, and Zhou Jijun frowned slightly. He knew that there would be many important people coming today, including enemies and friends, but among these people, the one he least expected to see was their thoughts. The unpredictable Jade Emperor.
Although the Jade Emperor, who has taken off his imperial attire, is a little less majestic, he is a little more handsome. The Jade Emperor is also a handsome man, but he has been sitting high in the throne all year round, and it is very cold at high places. The immortals and gods are in awe of his imperial power. , few people would care about his appearance.
“Congratulations, congratulations.”
The Jade Emperor came up with a smile and raised his hands to Zhou Jijun. His true feelings were revealed. Outsiders would think that the two people were on good terms with each other, but everyone in the gentleman’s palace knew that if the Jade Emperor hadn’t set up a trick, Zhou Jijun would also You won’t be in danger again and again.
/At that moment, all the star masters and disciples had cold expressions on their faces, and they were about to step forward to help, but in the blink of an eye they were swept away by Bi Hua’s beautiful eyes, and they had no choice but to suppress the resentment in their hearts.
“I thought I would be the first one to come, but unexpectedly T