ve and fearless. He is not a prince, but he is worthy of a charge general.”

ve and fearless. He is not a prince, but he is worthy of a charge general.”
“Oh? Do you want to conquer this person?”
“Even if you want to conquer him, it’s not my turn… ..”
As soon as Zhou Jijun finished speaking, he saw the Chinese army branching out. Baili Xiong, wearing silver armor, rode out on a fire horse. Half a horse behind him was Li Ping, who was holding a pagoda and looking majestic. .
“What a fierce general, he deserves to be called the Lion King.” Bailixiong looked with interest at the big man who cut down large swaths of the Northern Xinjiang Army, then turned to Li Ping and said, “The warlords who have invaded these days are all cowards. He will run away when he loses. It’s rare to find a man with such true blood. It seems that his cultivation level is of the highest level.”
Li Ping nodded slightly. He looked at Bai Lixiong who had an admiring expression on his face and said with a smile, ” Fei Wumang, the Lion King, spent two years gathering nearly 10,000 lion warriors. Although they were both good and bad, he might be considered a capable general for commanding 10,000 people. Although he did not have the appearance of a prince, he was a powerful general. But are you excited?”
Hearing this, Bai Lixiong nodded, then looked deeply at Li Ping, pondering, as if he was trying to find words.
“Then, Marshal, do you think I have the appearance of a prince?”
Bailixiong’s expression changed slightly and he opened his mouth to say something, but he held it back. He concealed the slight disappointment on his face with a faint smile, and turned to the battlefield. At this moment, he heard loud words coming from beside him.
“The appearance of princes is nothing, what the prince has is the image of an emperor!”

/On Mount Tenwu, Zhou Jijun rubbed his eyebrows.
“This Li Ping is really an old fox. With his ideas, it’s easy to be a jester in times of peace.”
“He can fight and please the Lord. He doesn’t steal the limelight. He is much better than you. “Ao Yun looked at Zhou Jijun, who was looking away, and said with a smile, “Don’t you want to see the ending of the lion king?”
“The ending is to be subdued by Baili Xiong, and he will be loyal to the Northern Xinjiang Army from now on.” Zhou Jijun smiled lightly. “Although he kills vigorously, he only has half the intention to kill. Who can survive to become a warlord in this troubled world is a cunning person. He made a mistake in his decision-making first, and now there is no other way out except surrendering to Baili Xiong. And how good will the defeated general be? The only way to win Baili Xiong’s
favor is to think of others as cunning as you are? Ao Yun glared at Zhou Jijun, thinking. After a moment, Youyou said, “The attacks in the past three days are all small forces that are difficult to get on the stage. It seems that there is a hand pushing behind, wanting to test the Northern Xinjiang Army. I don’t know the other two major forces that own the Fengshen Yuntai. When will the forces take action?”
“They may have already