once. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to avoid it, it was just too fast. No chance for me to dodge at all.

once. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to avoid it, it was just too fast. No chance for me to dodge at all.
The force of the lightning strike was very strong. I was thrown away by a strong force and hit the wall heavily. Before I could get up, Cao Wu’s killing move had already arrived. The sword flowed like water, and he fell down like an eagle. The cold light on the blade flashed, and it came straight to my face.
At the critical moment, I lifted up the flames in my hands, and the flames in my hands exploded, forcing Cao Wu back. Then I got up and took several steps back.
Sure enough, I still underestimated them, or in other words, I underestimated Zhuzi’s ability.
/Zhuzi walked to the two thunder-fire needles and reached out to pull them out. There was still a trace of electric light on the top of the thunder-fire needles. He smiled coldly and said, “You miscalculated.”
I have learned a lot about Zhuzi in the past few years. It’s too little, and his whereabouts over the years have been kept secret from me. I really don’t know how many abilities he has. Although he estimated that his abilities should be similar to those in the past, when he saw it now, he realized that he was still naive.
Cao Wu’s sword skills are also good, he moves as fast and fierce as a goshawk, and his sword strikes are always fatal. If I hadn’t blocked it with flames just now, I would have killed him immediately.
Cao Wu turned his wrist. The knife changes in my eyes like running water, with light and shadow overlapping.
“I heard early in the morning that General Qing Yi was very skilled in using the short sword in his hand. Rumor has it that his sword energy can be dispersed like running water. Killings come from surprise. But I didn’t expect that I was a little disappointed today. I’m afraid it’s not worthy of the name.” Zhuzi glanced at Cao Wu and said, his words There was a bit more sarcasm in between. In fact, the move he used to chase me just now was merciless. The sword energy cannot be used in such a situation. After all, my flame is stronger than the sword energy. Earlier, I heard that there are some masters of martial arts in the world. They can release violent winds when punching their fists, and they also have energy when using swords, which is invisible to ordinary people.
Cao Wu rolled his eyes coldly. Then he walked a few steps towards me and said, “If I kill him today, can you and the financial backers behind you be responsible for handling this matter? After all, he is a celebrity of 507 and one of the organizers of the Sanjiang Ghost Town Conference. First, you have such a good reputation,
how can you deal with the consequences after killing him?” Zhuzi smiled and said: “There is no one in the world who cannot be killed.”
At the same time, Hong Xuan from behind also shouted: “Damn it. Why don’t you just kill someone? If you kill him today, I’ll give you an extra million. How about nine million to buy that little monster
? As fast as lightning, I swung the short sword continuously, and each sword br